Buying Software at UCM

If you are looking at software for your office or classroom at UCM, please check the Site-Licensed Software list to see if UCM already has software that will meet your needs.

If you are missing a piece of software that you previously had installed on a UCM machine, please contact the Technology Support Center at to submit a ticket for the correction.

If you have an upgrade opportunity/new version (no money involved), please contact the Technology Support Center at to open a ticket to evaluate the upgrade for system compatibility and install it as necessary. 

If you need to renew a software license or purchase a new piece of software, please check out our instructions for New Software and Software Renewals.

Please Keep in Mind the Following:

Key codes and digital/physical software media should always be sent to the 
Office of Technology at  

All End User License Agreements, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Statements associated with software must be approved by Legal Affairs and Risk Management.

Software in excess of $5,000 (or $3,000 if grant-funded) must go through the University's formal procurement processes.  For full details, visit