Tips and Tricks for WiFi Connection Problems

Having Trouble With Your WiFi?  
Try these Helpful Hints!

Turn your wireless connection off and back on again.  Restarting your wireless connection will force the device to pick up the closest and best access point.  For most devices, turning on “airplane mode” and turning it back off will accomplish this connection refresh.

Make sure the battery/power savings on your device are optimized for maximum performance.  (You may need to connect to a power outlet to see this setting.)  Some devices will maintain a connection to an access point for as long as possible, just to conserve battery.   This can result in a degradation of service.

Make sure your device has the most recent operating system, and has all the updates and patches applied.  An out-of-date operating system or driver can cause slowness and connection problems for WiFi.  

Are you connecting to UCMO-WiFi?  If you have other wireless networks stored on your device, consider deleting the profiles you no longer use.  Old profiles can sometimes cause delays or problems making a WiFi connection.  Delete the UCMO-Guest profile if it’s still on your machine.

Check your physical location.  Do you have any metal signs on the walls?  Do you have twinkle/holiday lights around your room? Do you have anything that might be emitting a signal or interference that would compete with UCMO-WiFi?  Have you tried moving to the other side of the room, or turning your body/desk around?  There are a number of physical elements that can interfere with a wireless signal.

Remember, your device must be capable of using the following protocols:
  • Security Type = WPA2 Enterprise
  • Encryption = AES
  • Authentication = PEAP/EAP-MS-CHAP v2
  • CA Certificate = Verisign/Symantec Certificate
  • Please visit our UCMO WiFi page for further information about wireless security protocols.

What kind of device are you using?  Remember, different devices have different components, which includes the internal antenna.  A smart phone may not have the same range capability as a laptop or other device.  

Remember, WiFi is a shared resource. Much like the shower in your home, when someone turns on a faucet, you see a decrease in pressure at the showerhead. Even in the most robust WiFi environments, slowdowns can occur during peak usage. Please be aware of this, and be a good WiFi neighbor.

If you are experiencing problems with UCMO-WiFi, please contact the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357 or  We’re going to ask for information about your device, your location, the problems you are experiencing (including error messages), and the time/date and frequency of your problems.  We may ask you to bring your device to the TSC if we cannot gather enough information over the phone.