Telephone Dialing Instructions

    University Operator
    Dial 4111 Office hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F

    Central Calls (On-Campus)
    Dial the 4-digit station number

    Local Calls (Off-Campus)
    Dial 9+local number (7 digits)

    Emergency Calls
    Dial 911

    Toll-Free Calls
    Dial 9+1+800+7 digits

    Long Distance Calls
    9+1+Area Code+7 digit number
    9+0+Area Code+7 digit number

    Calling Card
    Sprint-Dial 9+1+800-877-8000
    MCI-Dial 9+1+800-950-1022
    AT&T-Dial 9+0+Area Code+7 digit number

    Long Distance Calls
    (Requiring Authorization Code)
    Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+1+Area Code+7 digit number
    Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+0+Area Code+7 digit number, wait for operator

    Calling Card
    Sprint-Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+1+800+877-8000.  Use back of card for further dialing instructions.
    MCI-Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+1+800+950-1022.  Use back of card for further dialing instructions.
    AT&T-Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+0+Area Code+7 digit number +calling card number
    Note:  Authorization codes do not offer any cost savings; they are strictly for security in the prevention of unauthorized long distance telephone calls.

    International Calling
    Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+international access code (011)
    -the country code (the two or three-digit numbers below)
    -the city routing code (a one to five-digit number)
    -the local telephone number (a two to nine-digit number)
    Note:  Refer to the Warrensburg or campus director for country and city codes.
    Operator-Assisted Calls
    For person-to-person, collect, calling card, and all other operator-assisted calls
    Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+01+
    -the country code
    -the city routing code
    -the local telephone number

    Directory Assistance
    Local-Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+411
    Long Distance-Dial *6+7 digit authorization code+9+Area Code+555-1212

    Fraud & Annoyance Calls
    Missouri law prohibits the fraudulent use of a calling card or telephone billing number, or obtaining or attempting to obtain telephone service with intent to avoid charges.  The placing of an obscene message on voice mail or "prank" or harassing phone class are a federal offense and will be turned over to proper authorities.

    Report phone trouble to the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357.