Student IDs and Passwords

As a UCM student,
you have three sets of
IDs and Passwords to remember: 

At this Login screen, use your Student ID (also known as a 7#) on the first line.

On the Second line, use your MyCentral password.  You should have received a link to retrieve your initial password in an email from  If you didn't get that email, call the TSC at 660.543.4357.


Your Network/Blackboard ID is three letters and five numbers, and should look something like this:  mxh12340.  It's created with your three initials (an x may be used if we don't have your middle name on file) plus the last four digits of your student ID, plus a zero or a one.  

Your Network/Blackboard ID and password can be found in MyCentral.  Log into MyCentral, and go to the "Student Network Password" tab.  In the center of the screen, you'll see your Network ID.  Below that, you'll see a place to enter a new Network Password.  You don't need to know your old password;  you can simply change your network password at any time.

NOTE:  You won't be able to log into any campus computers, Blackboard, or connect to UCM's WiFi without knowing your Network ID and Password.  

Your official UCM email address is your Network ID, followed by  It should look something like this:  To login to your email for the first time, you'll use your email address as the user name, and the default password.  The default password is the last six digits of your social security number plus the first five letters of your last name.  If your last name is Jones, your default password might look like this:  123456jones.  If your last name is Poe, your default password might look like this:  123456poe.  

If you have any trouble logging into anything at UCM, please call the Technology Support Center at 660.543.4357.