Software procured for installation on UCM-owned computers and other devices must be approved and purchased through the Office of Technology. 

NOTE: You cannot use your University P-Card to purchase technology items!

Step #1: Identify your need for software. 

You may choose to do your own research to find a software product that will fit your needs, or you may engage the services of the Office of Technology to do the research. Even if you do your own research, Office of Technology must be involved for the approval, procurement and installation of the software. If you identify the software you need, and obtain a quote for that software from the vendor, please attach that quote to the the request you're going to make in Step #3 below to expedite the approval and procurement process.

*If your area has dedicated technicians (Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies; College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; and the College of Health, Science, and Technology), please consult with them before submitting a request.

Step #2: Review the Desktop Software Menu
to see if there is already software at
UCM that will fill your need.

Consult the Desktop Software Menu to see if a software package is already in use at UCM that might fit your needs. This Desktop Software Menu includes software packages that fall into three categories: 
  1. Software for which UCM already owns a site-wide or enterprise license. If you want this type of software, there will be no additional cost to your department.
  2. Software for which UCM already has agreements in place, and prices established. If you want this type of software, there will be a set cost to your department, as noted on the software list.
  3. Software which is in use at UCM, but must receive General Counsel* review, and may or may not come at a cost to your department. 
When you consult the software list, you'll see a link for UCM's base builds. Please check this list to see if something that may already be on your computer will fill your software need.

Step #3: Submit an Installation Request or a
Purchase Request for Software.

Installation Requests are used for site or enterprise-licensed software. Purchase Requests are used for all other types of software, even those packages considered "freeware". (These all require General Counsel* review of licensing terms and agreements.) The type of request - Installation or Purchase - is identified below each software title on the Desktop Software Menu.  If the software you need is not on the Desktop Software Menu, please submit a Software Purchase Request.

Step #4: Office of Technology Staff
members will contact you.

No matter what type of software you need, Office of Technology staff members will contact you after you submit your request. We'll need to confirm budget numbers and transactions, schedule a time/method for installation, and clarify/confirm installation locations. If you need a status report on your software request at any time, please contact the Technology Support Center. 

Some Important Notes and FAQs...

All software purchases for installation on UCM-owned computers and other devices must be approved and purchased through the Office of Technology. A University P-card cannot be used to purchase technology items.

Remember to always plan ahead! For software that is not listed as a site license, Adobe or Microsoft software, the complete process can take up to 3 months depending on the General Counsel’s* availability to approve the agreement and the difficulty of installing the software. 

If you don’t know exactly what software will fulfill your needs, please call the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357 to schedule an appointment to speak with a technician to assist you in researching possible solutions. 

Some of UCM's license agreements contain stipulations for UCM users to place copies of software on personally-owned devices. See information regarding software for personally-owned devices for more information.

Still have Questions? Please see our FAQ page!

*All software purchases must have their "license, terms, and conditions" reviewed by the UCM's General Counsel's Office. The Office of Technology will work with the General Counsel's Office to obtain that review/approval, and will update you as the ticket progresses through our system.

If you have any questions about the Software procurement process at UCM,
please contact the Technology Support Center
at or 660.543.4357.