Publishing Web Pages at UCM

What You’ll Need to be Able to to Publish Web Pages at UCM:

UCM uses Adobe Contribute 6.5 to edit and update web pages.  While Contribute can be obtained by working with the Office of Technology, access to UCM web content is controlled by University Relations.  The following steps are necessary to get the tools you need to publish web pages on

First, you’ll need access to the “W:” (web) drive.  

You will need to visit this site to request access to your pages.

Second, you’ll need Adobe Contribute Version 6.5 installed on your computer.  

The software can be requested from the Technology Support Center.  We can take the request over the phone at 660.543.4357 or via email at This software is under a node license agreement with Adobe and can only be installed on machines on a one to one basis.  In order to process the request will will need the following information:

Budget Manager Name:

Budget Number:  

Computer Name:

Computer IP Address:

If you need the software installed on more than one computer, we need the computer name and IP address from EACH machine.  

If you need help finding computer names or IP addresses please contact the TSC by phone at 660.543.4357 and we will walk you through getting the required information.

Third, you’ll need training.  

Training for Adobe Contribute is conducted by the Office of University Relations. Please visit

their site for information on receiving this training.