Office 365 at UCM

What is it?  

Because UCM currently owns an enterprise license for Microsoft Office, we are able to offer the subscription-based Office 365 products at no cost to UCM students, faculty, and staff.  That means free access to desktop and web versions of MS Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  

Where can I use it?

Because Office 365 is a web-based subscription, you can use it anywhere.  You can also download the Office applications to your personally-owned devices.  Each user has one license, and one license covers up to five devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs or Macs.

When can I get it?

UCM Students will be able to access and download Office 365 on March 1, 2016.

How do I get it?

In any web browser, visit  You’ll find instructions there.  

When asked for your identity/user name, enter your full UCM email address.  

When asked for your password, enter your network/Blackboard password.

Can I get help with Office 365?

If you are having trouble accessing and downloading Office 365, please contact the Technology Support Center at or 660-543-4357.  If you are having trouble actually using the Office products, we suggest using Microsoft support ( for tutorials and how-tos.  

How long can I use Office 365?

You’ll have access to Office 365 as long as you are a student or employee at UCM.  Remember, UCM student accounts expire after three semesters of non-enrollment.  When your UCM student account expires, you should get a 30-day grace period with an option to individually purchase Office 365 at that time.

Can I use the cloud storage that comes with Office 365?

OneDrive is available with Office 365 in two ways.  First, Microsoft OneDrive is completely personal.  You must set up a MS OneDrive account if you want to use MS OneDrive as an individual, personal cloud storage.  Microsoft OneDrive for Business will be associated with your UCM account automatically.  If you save data to OneDrive for Business, you will need to retrieve it before your UCM student or employee account is terminated.  Otherwise, you could lose access to your data.  

UCM will not backup anything that you save to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business cloud storage in Office 365. UCM is not supporting Office 365 data/document sharing at this time.  

Can Faculty and Staff members get Office 365?

Yes.  The same terms that apply to students apply to faculty and staff as well.  We caution you to take care with using Office 365 for business purposes.  It’s better to use the Office applications that are already installed on your UCM machines, and save your important documents to a network drive.  Remember, we centrally backup network drives;  we DO NOT backup Office 365 cloud storage.

Please do not install Office 365 on UCM-owned machines.