MS Office 2013

As of Monday, August 11, Microsoft Office 2013 will be available to faculty and staff members who want to upgrade their current UCM machine to the new Office suite.  Currently, we are offering the new Office to users upon request;  later this fall we will make the Office 2013 available to all faculty and staff.  

How to Request Office 2013

To request Office 2013, email the Technology Support Center at  Include in that email your name, the name and IP address of your machine, and good contact information for you, including a phone number where you can be reached directly.  The TSC will make Office 2013 available to you through a Tivoli offer, and will email you the instructions for accepting that offer when your request is processed.

Here are a few important things to note about Office 2013:

  • We know there are compatibility issues between Office 2010 and Office 2013 specifically with Access Databases.  If you rely on an Access Database for your work, we do not recommend installing Office 2013 just yet.  Later this fall, we will have more information on the Access compatibility issues, and will have staff ready to assist you in making the transition from Office 2010 to Office 2013.
  • Accepting the Office 2013 offer automatically uninstalls Office 2010.  You cannot run both Office programs on your computer.  If you are not ready to let go of Office 2010, do not accept the Office 2013 offer.
  • As with any software upgrade/update, compatibility issues can exist with existing documents.  Office 2013 will open documents/files created with Office 2010, but Office 2010 may not be able to open documents/files created with Office 2013.  It's important to "save as" the earlier version if you're sharing documents with users still on Office 2010.
  • Remember, UCM offers the Atomic Learning tool, if you'd like to view some tutorials on the Office 2013 Suite of products.  To visit Atomic learning from on-campus, visit Atomic Learning.  To visit Atomic Learning from off-campus, you'll need to enter your Network ID and password at the following site:  Atomic Learning Off Campus.  

To see What's New in Office 2013: