JCKL Domain Transition 2013

What is Happening?  

On the evening of December 16, 2013, the UCMOLIB domain will be permanently retired.  

How Will it Affect JCKL Staff?

  • On December 17, 2013, JCKL staff members must log in to the UCMO domain to access their machines, documents, files, and applications.  To do this, you'll need to know your Network ID and Password and change the domain on the computer you are logging into.  

  • One of the biggest changes will be the retirement of the network shared drives that existed under the UCMOLIB domain.  These drives have been replaced by a new JCKL drive on the UCMO domain.  All documents and files stored on UCMOLIB drive shares will be moved by December 17 to the UCMO domain network share.   

  • Your desktop will change.  Anything on your desktop when you log into the UCMOLIB domain will have to be moved to your new desktop on the UCMO domain.  

  • Browser bookmarks will have to be exported/imported.  See Below.

What Should JCKL Staff do to Prepare?

  • JCKL Staff members currently have access to the UCMO domain, and can log in whenever they choose. We recommend you try this before December 17, just to ensure that you're confident in your Network ID and Password. 
  • If you have a number of documents/files stored on your desktop, save a copy of them to a USB drive or to your UCMO home drive. Review your options for file storage.

  • If you rely on your computer or the application to "remember my password", make sure you have written down your IDs and passwords for those applications. When you log in to the UCMO domain for the first time, you'll need to supply your IDs and passwords for each application. UCM technology support staff will not be able to retrieve passwords for individual applications. 

  • Before December 17... Export your browser bookmarks/favorites. This will create a file that you can then import anytime after you log into the UCMO domain. For instructions on exporting and importing browser bookmarks/favorites:

Who Should JCKL Staff Contact with Questions?

Office of Technology staff members will be available in the JCKL on December 17.  If you have questions before that date, please contact Mel Gross at gross@ucmo.edu.