Finding Your Machine Name and IP

Finding Your Machine Name and IP on a UCM machine:

  • Go to the systems tray in the bottom right corner of your screen (near the clock).
  • Look for the blue circle with a "b" in it.  
  • Click on it (it's called the IBM Endpoint Manager Center).
  • There will be three tabs within the window that opens.
  • Click on the Dashboard tab.
  • You'll see large letter that look something like this:
  • That's your machine name.
  • Further down the same screen, you'll see an IP address, that will look something like this:
IP Address:
  • That's your IP Address.

Finding the IP address on any Windows 7 machine:

  • Go to the Start menu. 
  • In the "search programs and files" box, type "command" and hit enter.
  • That brings up the Command Promt (a black box with basic text in it.)
  • After the "H:\>" or "C:\>" prompt, type the following:

  • What appears next will be lots of text, and in that text you'll see a line that says
IPV4 Address......................  :
  • That's your IP Address.

Finding the Computer name (also referred to as NETBIOS Name) and IP address on any Mac:

1. Go to System Preferences
2. Select Network
3. Make sure the active connection is highlighted on the left, then select the Advanced button
4. Select the WINS tab.

Finding an IP address on Any Machine Connected to the Internet:

If you're connected to the Internet, navigate to What Is My IP Address?  It will show you the IP address of the machine you are currently using.

Finding a Machine Name/IP on Most Machines:

Go to Start (or equivalent) -> Control Panel (or Settings) -> System (or About)