Finding Your Machine Name and IP

Finding Your Machine Name and IP on a UCM machine:

  • Go to the systems tray in the bottom right corner of your screen (near the clock).
  • Look for the blue circle with a "b" in it.  
  • Click on it (it's called the IBM Endpoint Manager Center).
  • There will be three tabs within the window that opens.
  • Click on the Dashboard tab.
  • You'll see large letter that look something like this:
  • That's your machine name.
  • Further down the same screen, you'll see an IP address, that will look something like this:
IP Address:
  • That's your IP Address.

Finding the IP address on any Windows 7 machine:

  • Go to the Start menu. 
  • In the "search programs and files" box, type "command" and hit enter.
  • That brings up the Command Promt (a black box with basic text in it.)
  • After the "H:\>" or "C:\>" prompt, type the following:

  • What appears next will be lots of text, and in that text you'll see a line that says
IPV4 Address......................  :
  • That's your IP Address.

Finding an IP address on Any Machine Connected to the Internet:

If you're connected to the Internet, navigate to What Is My IP Address?  It will show you the IP address of the machine you are currently using.

Finding a Machine Name/IP on Most Machines:

Go to Start (or equivalent) -> Control Panel (or Settings) -> System (or About)