Employee ID and Passwords

As a UCM Faculty or Staff Member,
you have three sets of
IDs and Passwords to remember: 

At this Login screen, use your Employee ID (also known as a 7#) on the first line.

On the Second line, use your MyCentral password.  You should have received your initial password during the hiring process.  If you didn't, please call the TSC at 660.543.4357.


You won't be able to log into any campus computers, Blackboard, or connect to UCM's WiFi without knowing your Network ID and Password.  

Your Network ID (which is also used for Blackboard) is generally your last name, or perhaps your first initial(s) and your last name.  For example, if your last name is John B. Doe, your Network ID may be "doe", "jdoe", or "jbdoe".  

Your Network ID and Password were sent to your supervisor upon the creation of your employee accounts;  he/she will provide you with it when you arrive for work.  To change your Network password, you'll need to know your current Network ID and password.  On a campus computer, use it to log on to the Personal Account Manager to submit a new network password.

Your official UCM email address is your Network ID, followed by @ucmo.edu.  It should look something like this:  jbdoe@ucmo.edu.  Again, your initial email password has been sent to your supervisor, who should provide it to you.

Depending upon your role at UCM, you may have access to other systems and applications.  Your supervisor should have the necessary IDs and passwords to all the systems you will need to use.  If he/she doesn't, however, please contact the TSC and we'll assist you.

If you have any trouble logging into anything at UCM, please call the Technology Support Center at 660.543.4357.