Dell Partner of the Week 2013

Significant Savings on Dell Products for UCM Employees!

From October 12 - 18, the University of Central Missouri is Dell's Partner of the Week.  This means that UCM faculty and staff can take advantage of one of their best promotions… a 17% discount.  The best part?  This 17% off coupon will stack with existing site discounts (excludes student gift card offer).  

Discount Example:  Laptop Market Value $769, Normal Discount of $182 = $587. Stack 17% on the $587 for a price of $488, which is a $99 additional savings!  Remember, this offer is valid October 12 - 18, 2013 only.

Visit to claim your coupon between October 12 and October 18, and take advantage of this phenomenal offer while it lasts!  Coupons must be redeemed by October 30.   If you do not have a e-mail address, or would like to extend the offer to a family member, you may still take advantage of the offering by e-mailing and referencing University of Central Missouri and your Member ID: 31265231. Please allow up to 24hrs to receive a response.  

Dell's Member Purchase Program is committed to providing the University of Central Missouri employees their BEST PRICE GUARANTEE year round on Dell computers and thousands of other electronic and accessory items including TV's, printers, cameras, ink, monitors, and much more!  Dell provides offers located at

See the flyer attached below for more details!

Melanie Gross,
Oct 11, 2013, 6:55 AM