Deleting Accounts

Deleting Expired Accounts

In support of existing network security procedures, email regulations, general account management, and increased issues and costs with Google licenses, Office of Technology is transitioning to a procedure for deleting expired network and Google accounts after 30 days.

Beginning September 1, 2009, when a UCM constituent with network and Google accounts departs from UCM, the Budget Manager of the constituent will have a 30-day window to access the accounts and retrieve any desired correspondences/information. At the end of the 30-day period, all accounts will be permanently deleted. Procedures are in place to ensure that the 30-day clock will not start until 1) notification is received that a person has departed, and 2) communication has been made with the Budget Manager regarding this departure. 

By University policy, Emeriti and Retirees may request to keep their network and Google accounts, if they meet certain qualifications.  In these cases, access to Emeriti/Retiree accounts will not be available to Budget Managers after the 30-day window for access expires.

If you have any questions about the deletion of accounts, please contact the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357.