Computer Account Request Process

Computer Account Request Process

All employees at the University of Central Missouri need credentials in the form of user IDs and Passwords to access UCM's computing resources. These credentials can be obtained by a UCM supervisor or designee completing and submitting the Computer Account Request Form.

To complete this form, the supervisor or designee will need to know the employee's 700# and basic information about the level of access required for the position.

After the form is submitted, Office of Technology staff will provide basic credentials/access to the new employee (by sending those credentials to the supervisor or designee) within three business days. Basic credentials are a network user name/password that allows the employee to log on to University computers, provides a personal network data storage space (H drive) and provides a Google Apps @ UCM account. Requests for access to shared network data storage and Banner access could take longer than three business days because Office of Technology staff members will need to receive approval from a variety of University Offices before providing the requested access.

If you have any questions about UCM computer credentials and access, please contact the Technology Support Center at 660-543-4357 or

Computer Account Request Form

Expiration of User Accounts