Supervisory Access to Staff Electronic Resources

Supervisory Access to Staff Electronic Resources Procedure

This document outlines the process by which a supervisor (as recognized by the Office of Human Resources through the CJS classification) may obtain access to his/her staff member’s electronic resources in order to conduct the business of the University. 

As stated in UCM’s guidelines, “Personal email messages and other electronic communications are not private or privileged…” A supervisor may request access to the electronic resources assigned to his/her staff members including, but not limited to, email accounts, personal network drive space (“the H: drive”), other data storage devices, desktop systems, and telephone voice mail. This access should be requested for the purpose of conducting the business of the University only.

Requests for access should be made by sending a written request (paper or email) to either to the Office of Technology via the Technology Support Center or the Office of the CIO specifying what access is requested. It is the intent of the Office of Technology to respond to these requests within one business day. 

NOTE:  As of March 2015, the Office of Technology will not provide a supervisor access to his/her staff members electronic resources without first receiving confirmation from the Office of Human Resources that such access has been approved.

When access is requested by a supervisor, the password will be changed on the necessary resources and the new password will be given to the supervisor. This method ensures that currently-employed staff members will know that their accounts have been accessed. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to utilize the information gained by accessing his/her staff member’s electronic resources in a manner consistent with University policies and procedures. By requesting 
access, the supervisor accepts responsibility for activity on those resources for the duration of their access.

Questions regarding this procedure should be directed to the Office of the CIO.

Document Posted: November 11, 2005
Last Reviewed: November 11, 2005
(minor revisions November 17, 2006)

Edited March, 2015 to add procedural change for approval from HR.