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The Senate meets Tuesdays at 4:00pm and every meeting is opened to the public. The room number will be posted every Tuesday, all day, in the Union and in front of the Union. Join us in making a difference on UCM Campus today!!!
Speaker of the Senate: 
Kyle Becker

 Freshman Class Senators:                 
  •  Mitchell Campana
  •  Tanner Fleshman
  •  Rob Twitchell
  •  Mathew Martinez
Senior Class Senators:                         
  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)
Senator for USHA
  •  (Vacant)

Senator for Spolight
  •  Kasey Griffin

Senate Floor Leader:
Mathew Martinez

Sophomore Class Senators:                     
  • Keli Myracle
  • Luke Hawley
  • Keyontae Richardson
  • (Vacant)
Graduate Student Senators:
  •  Aron Crouse
  • Hannah Bray 

Senator for ISO

  •  (Vacant)

Senator for ABC
  • Alicia Pack
Assistant Senate Floor Leader: 
Keli Myracle
 Junior Class Senators:  
  • Kyle Becker
  •  Jordan Seaman
  •  Payton Hawkins
  •  (Vacant)
Senator for IFC
  •  David Johnson


Senator for NPC
  •  Julia Garza

Senator for NPHC
  • Rachel Gillum