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The Senate meets Tuesdays at 4:00pm and every meeting is opened to the public. The room number will be posted every Tuesday, all day, in the Union and in front of the Union. Join us in making a difference on UCM Campus today!!!

President Pro Tempore:

Kyla Robinson

Freshman Class Senators:

  • Davontae Hair  

  • Adam Hutson

  • (Vacant)

  • (Vacant)  

Senior Class Senators:                         

  • Crystal Ridley

  • Ashley Garrard

  • Keyontae Richardson

  • (Vacant)

Senator for USHA

  • Anastasia Chaky

Senator for Spolight

  • Scout Miller

Senate Floor Leader:

DaVontae Hair

Sophomore Class Senators:

  • Kyla Robinson

  • (Vacant)

  • (Vacant)

  • (Vacant)

Graduate Student Senators:

  • (Vacant)

Senator for ISO

  • (Vacant)

Senator for ABC

  • James Wells

Assistant Senate Floor Leader:

Keyontae Richardson

Junior Class Senators:  

  • Harrison Mehlman

  • Anna Baldwin

  • (Vacant)

  • (Vacant)

Senator for IFC

  • David Johnson

Senator for NPC

  • Jessie Borgmann

Senator for NPHC

  • Jamorie Johnson