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Lit and Comp 1

University City High School

Ms. McKenna/ Ms. McFarland

Room 333

Phone #: 290-4144



Objective: My goals for this class are to improve upon the reading and writing skills of students. During this process students will be asked to examine, analyze, and write about a wide variety of texts, including but not limited to: novels, poems, articles, and short stories. As a class we will work through the writing process using various forms of written expression. By the end of the year students will have been exposed to a wide variety of literature, as well as, provided with a solid foundation for writing.

Focus: Characterization and Theme

Instructional Methods:

  • Reflective Writing
  • Technical writing
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Visual, listening, and hands on approach
  • Silent Sustained Reading (SSR)
  • Group discussions (large and small)
  • Conferences
  • Student generated vocabulary
  • Read-alouds
  • Daily writing exercises


Technology: Technology will be integrated throughout the year. Both the teacher and the students will use the Smart Board for daily lessons. The mobile lap-top carts will allow for students to have individual computer access during various class assignments, such as: papers, projects, research, etc.

Materials: Every day I expect students to bring:

  • Pen/pencil
  • Notebook/paper
  • Your book
  • A binder (optional but VERY helpful)


Grading Scale:

A= 90- 100%




F=59% and below

Grading is based on the following:

20% Participation: This includes homework and in-class assignments.

15% Quizzes: Quizzes will follow most reading assignments.

15% Projects: We will do a variety of projects that reflect on course work but are not writing focused.

20% Tests: Tests will be given at the end of a novel or unit. They will be composed of a variety of components including: multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay.

30% Writing: Writing assignments include, but are not limited to essays, reflective essays, papers, research papers, letters, poems, articles.


UCHS Expectations

#1: Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.

#2: Have ALL of your supplies and materials every day.

#3: Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.

#4: No profanity, rude gestures, or put downs.

#5: Follow directions of all school personnel.


Academic Dishonesty

Academic integrity is absolutely vital to the UCHS climate. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.

You will receive an automatic zero, referral, and a phone call home for cheating on any assignment.

Cheating is:

  • Copying answers
  • claiming another students work as your own
  • peaking at answers during quiz or test
  • talking during a quiz or a test
  • Plagiarism: taking information from- an article, book, website, paper, student paper


Units and Novels:

Who Am I?

  • Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes


  • Muchacho by LouAnne Johnson
  • The Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
  • Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


  • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Opression/ Discrimination

  • Maus I and Maus II by Art Speigleman


  • Freedom Writers by Erin Gruwell

Classroom Policies:

  • RESPECT others mentally and physically.
  • Turn assignments in COMPLETE and ON TIME.
  • READ!
  • Be in class ON TIME.
  • LISTEN when others speak.



Students will respect people and things mentally and physically.

  •   If you give respect you will receive respect.
  •   Any verbal or physical attack on anyone in the classroom will result in a referral.
  •   No name calling
  •   No teasing
  •   No cursing
  •   No touching

Turn assignments in COMPLETE and ON TIME

Students are responsible for collecting all missed or lost assignments.

  •   If a student has an EXCUSED absence they will have 1 extra to complete any missed work for full credit.
  •   If a student has an UNEXCUSED absence, they may still complete any missed work, however it will be consider as late.
  •   No late assignments will be accepted after a unit has ended.
  •   Late home work/ In class assignments= Drops 1 letter grade
  •   Late paper, projects= 1 letter grade a day for 3 days, 50% credit after 3 days.


Students must complete the reading assigned for class.

This helps improve:

  •   Understanding
  •   In class discussion
  •   Developing reading skills
  •   Writing about reading


Students must be in our classroom on time.

  •  Late= Coming in the classroom any time after the moment bell rings.
  •  If you are EXCUSED you must come with a pass from a teacher, principal, or secretary.
  •  If you are UNEXCUSED and more then 10 minutes late you must go get a pass from the attendance office.
  • Late 1 times a semester= student/teacher conference
  • Late 2 times a semester= phone call home, email grade level principal and counselor
  • Late 3 times a semester= referral, phone call home
  • Every time after 3= referral, phone call home


If you listen to others, others will listen to you.

  • Students must listen when others speak.
  • Listening= your mouth closed and quiet- not a sound.
  • Raise your hand if you have something to say.
  • Listen when your classmates are talking.
  • Listen when your teacher talks.