Prabhu Rajasekaran

Hi there!

I am a Candidate for Ph.D in Computer Science at University of California Irvine. I am advised by Professor Michael Franz and you can learn more about our research group here
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Brief Biography

I graduated from my masters in Computer Science program in 2016 from UCI, and hold a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Anna University in 2007. I worked as a Software Engineer between 2007 to 2014 building a contextual collaboration platform which is acquired by Autodesk. In the past few years, I interned at Microsoft Research and Amazon completing four different projects. Find more about my work experience here.

  • +1 (949) 331-6907
  • rajasekp(at)uci(dot)edu

  • D.K. Song, J. Lettner, P. Rajasekaran, Y. Na, S. Volckaert, P. Larsen, and M. Franz; "SoK: Sanitizing for Security" accepted for publication in 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P 2019), San Francisco, California; May 2019. (IEEE S&P now operates under a journal-style continuous submission system; acceptance statistics for the 2019 conference will only be published at the time of the 2019 conference)
  • P. Biswas, A. Di Federico, S.A. Carr, P. Rajasekaran, S. Volckaert, Y. Na, M. Franz, and M. Payer; "Venerable Variadic Vulnerabilities Vanquished" in USENIX Security 2017, Vancouver, British Columbia; August 2017. (85 papers accepted out of 522 submissions = 16%)

  • Microsoft Research, Research Intern, 2018 (June-September)
    • Implementation of polymorphic generic functions for C language 
    • Implemented for "Checked C", backward compatible extension to C programming language

  • Microsoft Research, Research Intern, 2017 (June-September)
    • Modified implementation of certain security critical parts of a code base to work from within Enclaves (tested against SGX)

  • Microsoft Research, Research Intern, 2016 (July-September)
    • Interned with Microsoft Security Risk Detection team
    • Implemented security features on top of Azure cloud to ensure restricted access to VMs
    • Analyzed fuzzing solutions that can be added to the risk detection stack

  • Amazon Inc, Software Engineering Intern, 2015 (June-September)
    • Integration of org chart and build artifacts to collate code coverage for each employee 
    • Integration with other services to retrieve build artifacts, org chart and other relevant data 
    • Implemented periodic code coverage aggregation of coverage data for the organization

  • Autodesk Inc, Senior Software Engineer, 2012-2014
         ●  Led a team of 4 and implemented the visual redesign of the product.
         ●  Integrated the product with the authentication provider application used by Autodesk.
         ●  Implemented user profile management, administrator features, product customization features. 

  • Qontext Inc, Senior Development Engineer, 2010-2012
         ●  Implemented chat feature for the product; Ejabberd (XMPP server), Smack and Strophe were used for implementation.
         ●  Used ‘solr’ Java library to index and retrieve data to power content search.
         ●  Built a customizable UI framework to enable the end user to customize the UI easily and quickly. XML uploaded with custom values is processed in Java to generate the CSS files.
         ●  Built server side framework for access control. Advocated and used ‘http-only’ cookies to remove security vulnerabilities.
         ●  Received the annual excellence award for 2010. 

  • Qontext Inc, Development Engineer, 2008-2010
         ●  Implemented various services powered by REST APIs and leveraged ‘memcached’, ‘MySql’ for data storing
         ●  Developed end-to-end feature which involved adding DB changes, implementing business logic and usability programming using Javascript.
        ●  Reduced the cold-cache load of the “home page” from 17 seconds to 11 seconds. Achieved this by refactoring SQL queries, creating appropriate DB indices, merging/caching static files, spriting CSS images and eradicating Javascript memory leaks.
        ●  Built reusable Javascript widgets and JSP Standard Tag Libraries. 
      Selected Projects from Course Work at UCI
  • Research On Smart Compiler Messages
    Current software compilers do not differentiate between the causes of a specific compiler error. We will analyze ASTs of erroneous programs and apply pattern matching techniques to solve this problem.
    Guided By: Dr. Cristina Videira Lopes 

  • Construction and Optimization of a Compiler
    Built as part of course work for the Advanced Compiler Construction course instructed by Dr. Michael Franz. This project involves implementation of various aspects of optimizing compilers by way of a scaled-down example. The compiler is implemented in Java and the optimization features include Common Sub-expression Elimination, Copy Propagation, Register Allocation and Instruction Scheduling.

  • Simple Search Engine
    Built as part of course work for the Information Retrieval course instructed by Dr. Lopes. This project involves building a crawler by using crawler4j, indexing the files downloaded by the crawler to enable text based search.