I have successfully defended my dissertation at the University of California, Irvine and the dissertation is titled “Unraveling the Effects of Land Use Planning and Energy Policy on Travel Behavior”. My doctoral training was supported by the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS), an interdisciplinary research unit which involves the School of Engineering, the Department of Economics, and the Department of Planning, Policy, & Design. This interaction is valuable for my policy analysis work on multifaceted urban issue and I look forward to continuing my research career in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.

My three-essay dissertation centers on the effectiveness of planning policy on urban travel behavior, vehicle ownership and the urban economy. The first essay, which has been published in Research in Transportation Economics, examines the effect of land use policies and gasoline prices on driving patterns. The second, which has been presented at the 2017 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting,  focuses on the effect of state and local incentives on household ownership and utilization of alternative fuel vehicles. The third explores urban form modeling approaches in travel behavior research, with a focus on transit and active commuting. These topics, encompassing urban form, housing, travel behavior, energy, public health, and the environment, are at the core of contemporary urban studies and transportation planning. Aside from my dissertation, I have collaborated in other fields of urban studies, namely housing and regional economic development; expounding upon land use changes, urban economic resilience, and access to affordable housing (including public goods bundle). 

As my CV illustrates, I have a broad range of teaching and research experience, especially in urban planning, spatial data management, applied econometrics, and computational statistics. I am proficient in ArcGIS (ESRI), Stata, and R, which I used extensively throughout my research. I am more than happy to develop innovative courses such as Introduction to Urban Studies, Applied Microeconomics for Urban Planners, Statistical Analysis, Urban Transportation Planning & Policy, Urban Planning in South East Asia, and Spatial Analytics (GIS for urban planning). 

Contact information:
Harya S. Dillon
e-mail: hdillon[at]uci[dot]edu
Irvine, CA 92697-3600
Tel: 949-824-5989
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