I am a PhD candidate with interests in Transportation Planning and Policy.

My research centers on the effectiveness of planning policy on travel behavior and the overall urban economy. My research looks into travel behavior using sophisticated quantitative methods such as Structural Equation Modeling and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. I am also interested in institutional arrangements that shape transportation policies – both in the US and the Global South.

My dissertation centers on the effectiveness of planning policy on travel behavior, vehicle ownership and the overall urban economy. My first essay, which has been published in Research in Transportation Economics, examines the effect of land use policies and gas prices on driving patterns. The second essay focuses on the effect of state and local incentives on household ownership of alternative fuel vehicles and utilization of those vehicles. These are among the most important issues in transportation planning as they relate to greenhouse gas emissions targets. The third essay explores the effect of cordon pricing, a form of congestion pricing, on commuting and land rents as a proxy for the overall urban economy. 

Contact information:
Harya S. Dillon
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