About Us

We are the official School of Biological Sciences Peer Tutors. All of us have taken and excelled in the class we are tutoring for, and several of us have multiple quarters of tutoring under our belts. We tutor for free because we simply love teaching and helping our fellow students succeed. Along with tutoring, we can help you with anything else you need, including advice such as which professors and classes to take or how to get involved in activities like medical volunteering or research. Don't hesitate to ask us anything, we are here for you!

 Faculty Advisor   

Dr. Catherine Loudon

Greetings! I am the faculty advisor for the Bio Sci tutoring program, and can tell you that the tutors are a terrific group of dedicated and hard-working student-tutors, who are eager to help their classmates and fun to work with. I have taught at UCI for 10 years, including Bio 94, Bio E109, Bio E131L, and various other classes. My research areas include biomechanics, biomimetic design, and teaching methods. I have been happily married to Dr. Borovik (Chemistry) for many years now, and we have two sons, now in their 20’s. I make time for exercise, interacting with friends/family, reading, cooking, sleep, and occasionally gardening and sewing.


Marsha Holland

Welcome! I am the staff supervisor for the peer tutoring program. I have worked for the Ayala School of Biological Sciences for over 20 years, as an Academic Counselor and Health Professions Advisor; over the past 13 years I have had the privilege to over-see the tutoring program. I whole-heartedly believe the tutors selected for our program are the best! I have a Master’s Degree in Higher Education and College Counseling and I love working with undergraduates, encouraging, guiding and motivating them to make positive and informed choices that will ultimately help them reach their academic and career goals. You are welcome to come see me in the Bio Sci Student Affairs office for academic advising.  On a personal note, I have always had an adventurous spirit; in my younger days, I have gone sky-diving, rock climbing, scuba diving, sailing and white-water canoeing. I enjoy spending time with family/friends, listening to music, movies, and traveling. I hope you take advantage of the wonderful resource available to you through the Bio Sci Peer Tutors! It is FREE!


Bio Sci Peer Tutoring Coordinators

Jeffrey Liu - Coordinator

everyone. My name is Jeffrey and I am a fourth year neurobiology major. I really enjoyed tutoring for 97,98, and N110, so I am super excited to help out this year's team of bio sci peer tutors as a Coordinator. If you have any questions regarding our program, feel free to contact me or any of the other tutors. I am very approachable and also like to talk about random stuff such as food, movies, and TV shows. 
E-mail: jeffl16@uci.edu

Rishi Gadepally - Coordinator

 Hi everyone! My name is Rishi and I am very excited to be one of your Bio Sci Peer Tutoring coordinators. I really enjoyed being a tutor for D103 (cell biology) last year and can't wait to work with this year's tutors! I am a 4th year Human Biology major. Besides nerd-ing out about anything to do with science, I love hiking, watching TV, trying new food, and meeting new people, so don't be afraid to come say hi! I'm super excited to be a part of Bio Sci Peer Tutoring and look forward to learning together!

E-mail: rgadepal@uci.edu

Lac Ta - Webmaster & Coordinator 

Hey everybody! My name is Lac (just like the lac operon), and I am excited to serve as one of the coordinators for the Bio Sci Peer Tutoring Program. I am a fourth-year Biological Sciences major and African American Studies minor. For the past two years, I have tutored for Bio 93 and Bio 97. I also enjoyed working in the Bio EASE program and Freshmen Edge since I was able to provide guidance and mentoring for new Freshmen. When I am not in class, you can find me doing research in the Kimonis Lab where we try to develop treatments for rare genetic diseases. In my free time, I like to try new restaurants, watch Netflix, and play basketball. Don't hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions regarding the Bio Sci Peer Tutoring Program!
E-mail: talm@uci.edu

Bio 94: Bush

Clarisa Bloemhof (cbloemho@uci.edu)
Hi friends! My name is Clarisa Marie and I am a third year Public Health Sciences and Economics double major. I tutored for Bio 93/94 last year and loved it so much that here I am again! When I am not studying in Ayala, I love to eat poke, play with puppies, and make puns. For your entertainment: “Why does DNA love the beach? Because of the nucleoTIDES!” Want to hear more? Then come through to my office hours. I am so excited to meet y'all!

Osama Mobayed (omobayed@uci.edu)

My name is Osama Mobayed. I am a 4 th year Biological Sciences major. I am here for you guys, I just want to see the most amount of people conquer the goals hopefully with me helping along the way. Outside of school, I enjoy

skateboarding, working on my car, and trying to surf without hurting myself. I am available

whenever and I am more than willing to help you. You can contact me by email


Lisa Wang (wangl14@uci.edu)
Hi everyone!  I'm Lisa Wang and I'm a third year biological sciences major.   I really enjoyed Bio 94 and this will be my second year as a tutor for it.  In my free time, I really enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy, playing tennis, and going to Corgi Beach Day.  Feel free to come to my office hours if you have any questions, or just talk about anything.  We're going to have a great year together!

Bio 94: Hug

Judy Pham (judyp4@uci.edu)

Hi, my name is Judy! I’m a third year Biological Sciences major with a Political Science minor. In my free time, I enjoy watching TV shows (especially Grey’s Anatomy) and going to the beach. I love eating sweets, especially ice cream! I also love exploring new places, especially scenic ones, and doing DIY arts and crafts.

Bio 94: Burley

Natalie Jacquez (njacquez@uci.edu)

Hello fellow biologists! :) My name is Natalie Jacquez and I am a third year biology student. I tutored for Bio 93, Bio 94, and Chem 1C last year and I look forward to working with you guys too! I am also an EASE peer coach and the data analyst for the Dr. Burley lab. Learning biology can be painful at first, but you have us tutors to guide you through! I have definitely had my fair share of sleepless nights and tears, so know you are NOT alone! I’ve had several students in my class receive A’s last year and I’m excited to help you guys slay too! Aside from being a tired student 24/7, I love going to concerts, listening to music, and chilling with my friends. I’m always down to grab food and hang with my students, so feel free to stop by my OH anytime! I can’t wait to meet you all! :) 

Andrew Tang (antang@uci.edu)
Hi guys! My name is Andrew Tang and I am a 2nd year in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology and Social Behavior. I hope to not only tutor you well but to also engage the material with a newfound excitement to learn biology as well as teach you new approaches to study this subject. If you guys need to contact me for any reasons or questions at all, my email is (antang@uci.edu)! Aside from conducting undergraduate research in Nat Sci 1, I also enjoy playing the piano and violin on my free time and play games like chess and Texas Hold ‘em as well. I also volunteer as a COPE Health Scholar and at the UCI Medical Center. Since I am considering medical school, feel free to ask pre-med questions as well! I really have a passion for biology, so I look forward to meeting you all! 😊

Arash Khangholi (akhangho@uci.edu)
My name is Arash Khangholi and I am a proud Iranian-American. I am currently studying biological sciences at UCI as a sophomore. I hope to specialize in neurobiology as I pursue my long term goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. Stop by my office hours anytime to ask any questions you have!

Youssef Galal (ygalal@uci.edu)
Hey there! My name is Youssef Galal and I am a 2nd year Biology major. I have been tutoring others for almost 4 years now, and I have been taking Biology related coursework for over 6 years. I am excited to tutor for Bio 94 this quarter, and encourage students to drop by my office hours if they need help with any of the material, concepts, or study skills related to the course. Nothing is too hard to achieve, if you just set your mind to it.

Bio 98: Luo/Kadandale

Joey Tran (tuyenvt@uci.edu)

Hi! My name is Joey Tran, and I am a current third-year Biological Science major. I'm part of CampMed at UCI and Pre-Dental fraternity Delta Delta Sigma. I like to go to the gym in my free time and get coffee. My favorite coffee is Mint Mojito from Philz Coffee. If you love Philz and biology, you should definitely come to my office hour!

Chris Sahagian (csahagia@uci.edu)
Hi! My name is Chris Sahagian, and I am greatly looking forward to being your Bio 98 peer tutor this quarter. I am a 4th year Biological Sciences major, minoring in Medical Anthropology. I am also a Bio 199 student researcher at the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with friends, volunteering, drawing charcoal sketches, and watching TV with my dog. If you ever feel like you need help with anything (course-related or not), please feel free to contact me or stop by my office hours. Wishing you all the best of luck this quarter!

Bio 98: Kadandale

Quang Minh Dang (quangmid@uci.edu)
Hello everyone!! My name is Quang-Minh Dang and I'm a 3rd year Biological Sciences major. I completely understand how Bio 98 can be challenging for some, but I'm here to help guide you all through it! Come check out my office hours to ask questions or to chill, I'm looking forward to meeting some of you! 

Mina Ayad (mmayad@uci.edu)

Hi! My name is Mina Ayad and I’m a fourth year Neurobiology major. I’ve been tutoring for the past two and a half years - general and organic chemistry, and now biology - and I’m incredibly excited to be tutoring for Dr. Kadandale this quarter; biochemistry is one of my favorite subjects and Dr. K is one of my favorite professors at UCI. Currently, I am a member of Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity, as well as a clinical researcher at the UCIMC and a scribe at Hoag Newport, so if you have any inquiries about any of these involvements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m looking forward to hopefully working with many of you to help you succeed in what can be a fascinating, albeit admittedly challenging course. Here’s to a great quarter!

Bio 98: Poulos/Tsai

Htet Khant (hkhant@uci.edu)
Hey guys, my name is Htet. I am excited to be your peer tutor this quarter! I am a senior in Public Health Sciences. Outside of class, I work for DAT Bootcamp – a test prep company for DAT takers. I also volunteer for UCI Chapter of Be The Match – a national marrow donor program. Feel free to reach out to me for volunteering and internship opportunities at Be The Match as well as tips on how to ace the DAT.

Biochemistry is one of the most interesting and fun classes you will encounter in your undergrad career. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions during my office hours or through email. I am devoted to helping you do well in the class to the best of my abilities.

Tameena Wais (twais@uci.edu)

Hello, my name is Tameena Wais and I am a fourth-year Neurobiology major. I am very
excited to be tutoring for biochemistry this quarter, as I am very passionate and interested in the
biochemical processes in the human body. Aside from school, I enjoy being in the outdoors,
hiking and exploring new places with my friends and family while I capture these moments with
my film camera. Please let me know if you are ever confused in this course and need some
direction, I am happy to help!

Bio D170: Shaffer

Tri Nguyen (tridn2@uci.edu)

Hey guys! My name is Tri Nguyen and I am very excited to be your peer tutor for Applied Human Anatomy this quarter. I am a fourth year Bio Sci major and this is my second time being a peer tutor for Anatomy. I hope that you guys are also as excited to be taking this course because D170 is one of my favorite classes at UCI. The materials that you learn in this class will be very interesting and you get to finally understand the location and composition of each organs and tissue within your body. Trust me, the class is awesome and I'm happy for you. Come over to office hours and get some help or to just hang out and talk to this cool dude. I am looking forward to meet you throughout the quarter!

Rylie Borje (rborje@uci.edu)

Howdy! My name is Rylie and I'm one of your peer tutors for Bio D170. This class was a wild ride for me and I'm ready to hop back on with all of you! I'm also a LARC tutor for Chem 51B and I also love to teach tennis to kids on the weekend. Apart from that, I'm usually just making really bad song covers or playing fun board games! I really learned how to study when I took this class, and I hope to share what I've learned with you! 

D103: Suetterlin/MacGregor

Theodore Nguyen (theodvn1@uci.edu)

I'm a 4th year biological sciences major that's applying to Medical School this June. I'm currently involved in Bio 199 Research in the Cummings Lab, a coordinator for CampMed, a TA for Aids Fundamentals, and volunteer at the hospital. Outside of the classroom, I'm a powerlifter that competes in the 60kg weight class. What I love about biology and the health field is how much of it we don't know about it and how it is such an expansive field with innovations happening daily.

Melissa Ly (melissnl@uci.edu)
Hi everyone! My name is Melissa Ly and I am a 4th year Biological Sciences Major. I am involved in the UCI Taekwondo Club, Student Health Outreach, Bio 199 Research in Dr. MacGregor's lab, and I work as an ER Scribe. This is my first time being a Bio Sci Peer Tutor and I am so excited to share my love and knowledge with everyone taking D103! Cell Biology is one of the most challenging but rewarding classes I have taken at UCI, making it one of my all-time favorites. I hope to make this journey a little more easier (and more fun) for everyone taking this course. In the end, I hope you come to love cell biology as much as I do! I am also planning to apply to medical school next cycle so if you have any pre-med questions, feel free to ask. I look forward to meeting you all at my office hours!

E109: McHenry

Mai Makhlouf (mmakhlou@uci.edu)

Hello everyone! My name is Mai (pronounced like the month of May and ironically not born in
May). I am a 3 rd year Biological Sciences major and I will be peer tutoring for physio this quarter.
I am so eager to meet you all and help in any way that I can! I love drawing and painting and I
especially love to draw how human body processes work, so if you are a visual learner, I most
definitely can help you. Besides being a Research Coordinator in a Psycho-Physio lab and being
the IMED Outreach Coordinator, I love going on food adventures, watching Netflix, playing
basketball and hanging out with my friends and family  If you ever need anyone to talk physio
or need other advice, don’t be shy and drop by my office hours for any questions or emotional
support (trust me we all need it).

Jordan Lo (jjlo1@uci.edu)

Hello everyone, my name's Jordan and I'm a 4th year Human Biology major.  On my free time, I work at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach as a valet doorman and park really expensive cars.  I also enjoy watching Netflix and eating out with friends.  I am very excited to tutor physiology and am looking forward to a great quarter with everyone.