Lee Liming


Lee Liming
Lee Liming is a Technical Communication Manager in the University of Chicago's Globus department. He creates technical documentation of all kinds in support of Globus activities. His writing projects include: scientific case studies, engineering documents and plans, project proposals and reports, and journal articles.


Small Teams. Big Science.

Globus is used by universities, research labs, and national science facilities to provide enterprise-wide data management services to their employees and user communities. Subscribing to Globus is significantly more cost-effective than building in-house expertise and systems.

Globus's free services allow small and medium-sized research teams access to high-end data and computation services that allow them to do world-class research with limited financial resources and computer expertise. Globus allows small teams (such as a scientist, her students, and her colleagues at other institutions) to share research data, no matter the scale of their investigations or data sources. A subscription at a research institution connects the institution's data storage services to collaborative research projects and unlocks advanced features for local users. Globus currently supports research teams working on exploration and discovery in fields such as genetics, climate studies, and cosmology.

Getting started with Globus is easy! Everything is online, so all you need is a web browser and some data to share.

Globus is a not-for-profit service provided by the University of Chicago. Basic services (which are pretty amazing!) are available to individuals and groups at no cost. Advanced services for individual users and organizations are available via subscriptions.