Activities Bus

The activity bus that started last year continues this year. There is now only one bus run, but fees remain the same as last year.

Duration and Days of Service:

The after school activity bus is designed for middle and high school students. The activities bus will operate during the Spring season, beginning Monday March 6, 2017 through Thursday May 25, 2017. The activities bus will operate Monday through Thursday only. There will be no activities bus on Fridays, or any days that school is closed. For example,on teacher in-service days the activities bus will not operate.

Pick-up Times and Location:

The bus service will operate once each day Monday –Thursday. The bus will depart from the middle school at 5:00pm.  The bus will then travel to the high school and pick-up students at the gymnasium entrance. The bus will depart the high school at 5:15pm. The middle school library will remain open until 4:45pm, the high school library will remain open until 4:30pm and the high school cafeteria will remain open until 5:00pm.

Student Drop off Locations:

Drop off locations each day will be based on proximity to the nearest neighborhood bus stops depending on each day’s ridership. We anticipate dropping most students off at current bus stops or close proximity to those stops. We anticipate the longest ride home to be one hour, while the vast majority of students will arrive home in under an hour.

Rates for Activity Bus:

  • Spring Season Plan:

The season plan provides access to the bus Monday March 6, through Thursday May 25 , 2017 at a cost of $145.00. Students are not obligated to ride each day, but the season plan provides them access any day during the Spring. The season plan is not transferable to another season.

  • 10 Day Plan:

Students can purchase a package of 10 day plan. Students may use this plan on any Monday -Thursday during the school year.  Additionally, if the activity bus continues beyond this season (next year), the 10 day plan would be transferable to other seasons" , but not transferable to a sibling or friend. 10 day plans can only be used by the student who purchased the tickets. A 10 day plan costs $60.00.

  • Individual Day Plan:

If students have not purchased a season plan or a 10 day plan and need to take the activity bus home, they will be charged $8.00 per day. Students will not be charged that day; instead they will need to provide their name and student ID number and the student will be billed. We encourage families to purchase a season or 10 day plan to help us anticipate the number of students who will participate. Of course that is not always possible which is why we are offering the day plan.

  • Plans for additional children:

A season plan for a second child, or each additional sibling is $90.00 per child after the first season plan of $145.00 is purchased.

How to Purchase Plans:

If you are interested in paying for the service, please fill out the registration form available on-line. Please make checks payable to “UHS Activities”. Please write your child’s student ID number on the check.

Please send checks and forms to:
Unionville High School Athletic Department
Unionville High School
750 Unionville Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Questions about the Pay for Service Activities Bus:

If you have any questions about billing or inquiries concerning the purchase of additional plans, please contact Jodie Weaver at the high school athletic office. (610) 347-1600 x 3082.

Any transportation questions, please contact district transportation at (610) 347-1600 x0804.

For all other questions, please contact Rudy Reif, UHS Assistant Principal, if you have a high school student or Mr. Hoffman, CFPMS Principal, if you have a middle school student.

Explanation for Rates:

The UCFSD is attempting to cover the costs of the late bus service each day without having an impact on the district budget and local school taxes. It will be most helpful to the district in planning for the appropriate number of buses each day if families and students purchase season plans or 10 day plans in advance. If more students sign-up for season plans than expected, the district will be able to reduce rates in the future.

We know many families have requested this type of service and we hope our families find it helpful and affordable. If you are unable to afford the costs of the service or you participate in the free and reduced lunch program, please contact the administrators listed above.

Thank you for all you do to support our schools.