Committee Meeting Notes

December 15th Meeting Notes

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During this meeting the committee broke out into smaller groups to finalize their evaluation of the pros and cons of each of the transportation options.

The document below summarizes the conversation and findings

Copy of Dec. 15 - Transportation Options

December 1st Meeting Notes

posted Dec 12, 2016, 7:58 AM by Dave Listman

The committee met on December 1st at 6:30.

At this meeting the committee divided into 4 smaller working groups.  

Each of the 4 groups was given an area of concentration and assigned to identify the pros and cons of the 6 current options on each of these areas of concentration 

1 Childcare
2 Athletics
3 Costs/Financial
4 Academics/Activities

The group members of this committee and for the smaller work groups were selected with an eye towards getting broad representation of all community stakeholder groups.  There are folks on the committee from families where both parents work outside the home, elementary school parents and parents of student athletes, to name just a few.  There are also school administrators such as the  athletics director, the football coach and the transportation director to help provide detailed information from their area of expertise.

The next meeting will be Dec 15th at 8:00 in the district office

November 17th Meeting Notes

posted Nov 28, 2016, 8:02 AM by Dave Listman   [ updated Nov 28, 2016, 9:26 AM ]

The committee met on November 17th.  Previously they had been asked to either attend or watch the Dr Owen’s Presentation on Sleep Science.  For this meeting the committee members were placed  into fours groups to discuss and reflect on what they had heard, to raise questions and to determine if we are ready to move forward.

To help guide the discussion and reflection the committee was presented with 4 questions

  1. What have you learned about the research?

  2. What is most compelling about the research?

  3. What would you still like to know?  What questions do you have?

  4. Based on the research, are we ready to move forward to investigate options?

Below are highlights from each group’s discussion.  

The consensus was to move forward. Although there are still questions to be answered and obstacles to overcome, we are ready to move forward to investigate options.

The next committee meeting will be Thursday, December 1st.

What have you learned about the research?

Group A –

  • Many correlations, maybe not causation?

  • Chester County driving data vs. national  -  local data may  indicate that drowsy driving was not a local issue

  • Dr. Owens’ 8:30 or nothing comment - We understand that 8:30 is the target, but if we could move start times to 8:00 would we still see a benefit? and would that be worthwhile?

  • Shouldn’t we be addressing other items about the importance of sleep hygiene?

Group B -

  • We have sleep deprived students

  • There are clear safety and health benefits

  • There may be potential academic benefits

  • We all look at the research through unique and varied lenses

Group C –

  • Science behind later start is overwhelmingly supportive

  • Sleep patterns and needs change as kids age

  • Many health benefits of sleep

  • Correlation between increased sleep and decrease in at-risk behavior

  • The later start time will give parents and student the opportunity to choose how the time is spent (sleep, etc.)

Group D –

  • Science is compelling

  • Start times in USA – Bell Curve – UCFSD is at early end

  • Reduced car accidents


What is most compelling about the research?

Group A –

  • Dr. Owens - science aspect

Group B –

  • Health and safety issues for our students

  • Student driving – “Drowsy Drivers”

  • Students’ sleep cycle – Predictable patterns

Group C –

  • Science support

  • Health/wellness benefits

  • AAP, CDC, AMA support of 8:30 start

Group D –

  • Statistically significant – less depression (Edina), greater emotional well-being

  • Quality of sleep – last 1/3 of sleep

  • Fewer counselor visits

  • Students do sleep more with later schedule


What would you still like to know?  What questions do you have?

Group A –

  • Twilight hours?

  • What about middle school students?  At what age does the science have an impact?

  • Do we have a problem?

  • Can we survey sleep patterns at UCFSD?

  • Want to learn more about GPAs and impact

  • Want to learn more about student wellness and making a change

  • Impact on elementary schools

  • What have other schools found?

  • Is there a point in the day that is less productive for elementary kids?

Group B –

  • The number of tardy/car crashes in the area before school

  • Potential benefits for elementary students – lack of research

  • Impact on other districts – effect of change

Group C –

  • Impact of electronics in the bedroom

  • Impact of blue light/screen time on sleep

  • How elementary kids are impacted (minimal research)

  • Why schools who have investigated the change and chose not to switch decided to keep the status quo?

Group D –

  • What do we do about potential earlier dismissals for athletes?

  • Bummer for URA

  • Additional elementary school data?

  • Attendance data for daylight savings time (both ends) switch?

  • Can we find similarly (geographic) sized districts that have changed?

  • TCHS?

  • How many families rely on older children to watch younger ones after school?

  • Total cost to community if Flip?

Based on the research, are we ready to move forward to investigate options?

Group A –

  • Are we ready to move forward?

  • Want to know more about other schools.  Should we look at school day and schedule?

  • What is the problem?

Group B –

  • Yes, we are ready to continue our investigation!

Group C –

  • Yes, we think that we should continue to investigate options

Group D –

  • UCFSD culture is OK with being first

  • If we do make a change, we must keep the AM time sacred.

  • Lights on Athletic fields?

  • Are we ready to move forward?  YES

November 2 - Kick-Off Meeting

posted Nov 5, 2016, 8:32 AM by Dave Listman   [ updated Nov 28, 2016, 8:06 AM ]

The committee met for the first time at in the PES library on Nov 2nd at 6:30.

  • Ken provided an overview of the project, the rationale and background.
  • Ken reiterated the NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE and that although there is significant research around this national initiative the obstacles to achieve later start times are daunting.
  • The Transportation Department has developed an initial set of transportation options.  These options are put forward as a baseline for further review and discussion.  These are not the only possible options.  The committee can evaluate these options as a baseline and then go on to modify them or create additional options.  Click here to review the options put forward.
  • Ken next took the committee through the resources provided on the School Start Time Committee website (each member of the committee was also provided hard copy of the materials).
  • The last part of the meeting was Q&A during which time many of the obstacles to shifting schedules were aired
  • The date for the next meeting has not been set, but is planned to occur sometime in November.
Homework assignment:  All committee members should familiarize themselves with the literature provided and should attend (or review online) the Dr, Owens presentation on Nov 7th.

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