The UCF Board Welcomes You

Thank you for taking time to visit the UCF School Board page. All Board meetings are conducted openly and in public in compliance with the Pennsylvania Sunshine Law.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed and to get involved - Come to a Board meetingwatch meetings online, or read the monthly Board meeting recap. Residents are encouraged to sign up for these recaps by emailing

Opportunity For Public Input

At regular Board meetings, public comment is taken on agenda items at the beginning of the regular monthly meetings; time is also allocated for additional public input at the meeting's end as needed.

Citizens who want to have a specific item placed on the agenda should send a written request to the Superintendent at least one week prior to the meeting.

Work sessions are also held in public. The purpose of these sessions is for the school board, as a whole, to gather information, review and discuss issues.

All Meeting times and locations are posted on the district calendar at 
and a pdf version of the calendar is available here

Board Members by Region

Vice President


Region A

Region B

Region C

Victor E. Dupuis (

Jeff Hellrung (

Robert W. Cochran, Dir of Business and Operations

East Marlborough & West Marlborough Townships
Victor E. Dupuis (
Jeff Hellrung (
Elise Anderson (

Newlin, Pocopson & Birmingham Townships
Robert Sage (
Steve Simonson (
Tom Day (

Chadds Ford, & Pennsbury Townships
John Murphy (
Carolyn Daniels (
Gregg Lindner (


Board Committees

Chair:  John Murphy

Curriculum and Ed Tech
Chair:  Carolyn Daniels 
Vice-Chair:  Elise Anderson 

Chair:  Gregg Lindner 
Vice-Chair:  Steve Simonson 
John Murphy
Chair:  Robert Sage
Vice-Chair:  Gregg Lindner
Chair:  Jeff Hellrung
Vice-Chair:  Steve Simonson
Chair:  Steve Simonson 
Vice-Chair:  John Murphy
Robert Sage
Chair:  John Murphy 
Vice-Chair:  Elise Anderson
Carolyn Daniels
Chair:  Elise Anderson 
Superintendent Evaluation

Based on the evaluation methods described in Board policy 312, the Board rates the performance of Superintendent Dr. John C. Sanville as Distinguished for all Objective Performance Standards.

Vic Dupuis 
UCFSD School Board President

October 2016

Performance Standards and Rating Scale Descriptors

Superintendent Contract

The current contract between UCFSD and Dr. John C. Sanville as Distinguished is a four year agreement, entered into on January 23, 2017 and is available for public review.

Superintendent Contract (PDF)