Technology at Patton Middle School
Students and staff use technology everyday in the middle school. From the time someone enters our building to the conclusion of the day, technology is everywhere! Whether it is students conducting Internet research in the library or writing using Chromebooks in the classroom or creating presentations in the computer lab or creating music in the keyboarding lab or teachers using LCD projectors and SMARTBoards in the classroom, technology is an integral part of the Patton Middle School experience. Students and parents also utilize this technology at home when they visit the school website for the latest news, check on student progress using PowerSchool, access the Library's online resources, sign in to a Google Apps account, access an online textbook or follow school events on Hawks eNews, just to name a few examples.

The Educational Technology Roadmap presented and adopted in March of 2014 calls for increasing technology integration into our instructional program. Check out the district's Educational Technology web page for more information.