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"This is the best class of the day" 
- 6th grade student

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 - 7th grade student

"This is second favorite part of my day. My first is lunch." 
- 8th grade student

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We Won!
Our program helped in winning the "Green Ribbon Award"
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Program of Excellence Awards

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Best in the state!

The Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania has deemed our program to be a Middle School Program of Excellence!

PA Senator and PA Representative visit Patton Middle School Tech & Engineering Dept.!!!!
PA Senator Tom Killion and PA House Representative Steven Barrar have heard about our award-winning Technology & Engineering Program and came to check it out. We thank them for taking the time to recognize our accomplishments on the House and Senate floor.

PennDOT Engineers present to our students

Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation took the time to share their experience and expertise with the students in Mr. Palo's Technology & Engineering class last Thursday. Civil Engineer/Project Manager Leanne Fullard and Civil Engineer/Bridge Inspector Kevin Sutow shared information about the bridges in our area and information about what it is like to be a civil engineer. One of the key topics of discussion was the "Pocopson Bridge" replacement project at the intersection of route 926 & Pocopson road which will effect these students and 13,000 citizens daily.  The information and time that they shared is greatly appreciated by the students. Here are just a few of the comments that the students shared after the presentation.
"Something that I found very interesting about the civil engineer's presentation was that there are about 22,000 bridges in PA."
"I found it very interesting that much testing was needed for a bridge inspection and data collection from scuba diving to the foundation to the hydraulic engineering needed for flood safety."
"What I found to be interesting from the civil engineer's presentation was that there are people like Mr. Sutow who goes under the bridges after being built and work on the technology of it."
This special visit directly ties to the structural engineering unit found in Patton's award winning Technology & Engineering program. Mr. Palo commented..."I was thrilled when PennDOT agreed to honor my request to come and share their expertise with our students, for a learning connection was made that they will remember for the rest of their lives." This is an example of the impacts that businesses and other entities can make if they take the time to team up with their local schools to create more "real world" S.T.E.M. connections.

Jason Palo

Scott Stoltzfus