Welcome to the Patriot Press Publishing Center Website!

The Patriot Press is a voluntary publishing program available to all students of Pocopson Elementary. This year, we have chosen to use a new company to publish the students' books called SCRIBBLITT, and the manuscript and illustrations can all be completed online!

Each student may submit an original fiction or non-fiction story on the Scribblitt website to be printed and professionally hard bound for the fee of $20 per child ($10 per copy). One bound book will be given to the student to keep, and one copy will remain in the school library to be enjoyed by the entire student body. The Patriot Press Publishing Center is subsidizing the total cost of the two books, so you can receive a $14.99 discount on EACH BOOK!

You can become a published author with your name and book listed in the PES library system to be checked out by other students! If you decide to write, illustrate, and publish a story with the Patriot Press, please complete the following: 
  • Complete the Application Form on this website by April 30 (EXTENSION!).
  • Visit the Instructions page to learn how write, illustrate, and complete a book.
  • All online books must be completed and ordered by MAY 5 (EXTENSION!) on the Scribblitt website in order for them to be printed and included in the bulk shipment.
You may contact us at patriotpress@ucfsd.net anytime if you have any questions!