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PTO Communications Procedures

Communications Procedures & Deadlines

Hillendale is moving away from paper.  You will increasingly find the information you need won’t be in your child’s backpack, but will be available electronically.  There are three primary ways Hillendale communicates electronically: 1) the Hillendale School website, 2) the HE PTO website, and 3) HESeNews.  Please check the websites regularly.  To receive eNews, you must subscribe to the Hillendale ListServ.  Directions to sign-up for ListServ are available on the HE PTO website.  

Outside organizations seeking publication are subject to review by District Administration and will be posted according to their protocols.    

Submissions to eNews:
  • Email information to eNews Coordinator, Lisa Henry (lmthenry@aol.com).  
  • Deadline for the Sunday eNews is noon on Sunday.  
  • Deadline for the Wednesday eNews is 3:00 PM on Tuesday.  
  • Submission should be text only, but can include a link to a website. 
  • Please consider keeping eNews submissions short.  Shorter submissions are more likely to be read.  

Weekly Communications Packet
Once a week information that would have gone in a newsletter or sent as a flyer will be posted online.  

  • Email submissions to PTO Corresponding Secretary, Megan Bond (bondsm@aol.com).
  • Deadline is noon on Sunday.  
  • A link to the packet will be in Wednesday’s eNews. 
  • Detailed information is best suited for the Communications Packet, rather than eNews.  
  • Submission should be “print ready” in a format suitable for a newsletter.  There won’t be an editorial function.  
  • Almost any electronic submission (pdf, word, excel, pages, etc.) is acceptable.  
  • The Communication Packet will be posted on the HE PTO website, and the Hillendale home page.  The school’s page will have the current packet.  The HE PTO website will have two packets, “Current Week” and “Last Week.”  

HE PTO Website
Committee Chairs who’d like to post information more permanently can use the HE PTO Website, http://hes.ucfsd.org/pto.html.  
  • Committee Chairs can e-mail information at any time to the PTO Corresponding Secretary for posting on the website.
  • Plan 2 business days from submission to posting.
  • Submissions should be “print ready.”  Almost any electronic submission (pdf, word, excel, pages, etc.) is acceptable.
  • There are two areas for PTO Committee Chairs:
    • Anyone can post to “PTO Information, Events & Programs.”  Once posted, you can copy the link and include it in your eNews submissions.   
    • In the “Announcement” area a short blurb and graphic can be submitted.  Content in this area is at the discretion of the PTO Board.  Requests for information to be posted in the “Announcements” area should be sent to the PTO Corresponding Secretary.  

In addition to the website and ListServ, Hillendale also communicates through Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, and provides a goggle calendar so that you can integrate your personal calendar with selected UCFSD calendars.  For more information on these programs, see “HESConnect” on the Hillendale home page.