Bah Humbugs

Our Third grade class participated in a Cross Country web project. The children are pen pals with a Third grade class in Tuscon, Arizona. They have been corresponding with one another every few months. Recently we came across a web program that incorporated both Microsoft Word and Kidpix. We decided to challenge our pen pals with the task of creating a HUMBUG. 

Each child wrote a detailed description of a fictional character, which we called a HUMBUG. They wrote about their HUMBUG giving them specific characteristics using Microsoft Word, and then they drew their HUMBUG using the Kidpix program. These were printed out on hard copy to keep in school and then posted on the Internet for their pen pals to view. 

The pen pals will try to recreate the pictures using the written descriptions to guide them. After they draw the HUMBUG, they will be able to click on a link to reveal the original HUMBUG and then compare the two side by side. We are anxious to hear from our pen pals after they complete this fun activity to see how successful they were.

Mrs. Harkins' HUMBUG creators:

• Click on a name from the list below to see a description of their HUMBUG.
• Then... click on the creator's name above their HUMBUG description to see their Kidpix creation.