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Hillendale Husky

The "Tail" of Hillendale's Husky

 After an adventurous and highly educational cross-country trek, our beloved Husky arrived at Hillendale Elementary in February of 2006!   The Husky felt his destiny was to be the mascot of a very special school, so the Husky left his home in Alaska to make our elementary school his permanent address! 

 It took two weeks for the Husky to travel across our beautiful country.  He made many stops along the way, all the while reporting in to our Principal, sharing details about the people he had met, the beautiful landscapes he had traveled and the things that he had learned about each state.  We all learned some interesting facts about our country!  Lucky for us, the Husky's final steps of his cross-country journey brought him into the Hillendale gym where he received a very spirited welcome from the entire student population.  It was LOVE at first sight!

Now, the Husky permanently resides at Hillendale in a special part of the school. Over the course of the school year, the Husky can be seen at various school events sniffing out fun and fetching for spirit.  The Husky is dedicated to keeping spirits high and ensuring the love of learning.  Make no bones about it, the Husky LOVES the kids AND staff at Hillendale Elementary! 

We're so lucky to have such a faithful friend.  If you're interested in learning a little more about our beloved Husky, read on!


  • Birthplace: Juneau, Alaska
  • Parents: Retired sled dogs from Alaska
  • Height: Ranges from 5' 6" to 6' 4"
  • Weight: Varies tremendously
  • Eye Color: Bright Blue
  • Favorite Song: "Who Let the Dogs Out!" 
  • Favorite Food: Hotdogs
  • Favorite Color: Red AND Yellow
  • Hobbies: Learning new things, Reading, Taking long walks and Practicing new tricks
  • Pet Peeves: Snow Days! (odd, considering he's from Alaska)
  • Favorite Activity: Being side-by-side with the happy students of Hillendale Elementary!
  • Favorite Book: Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman

GO H-U-S-K-I-E-S!!!

Husky Photo Gallery