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Summer Hours Information

During the summer break, please note the changes in hours and operation of the Counseling Center from June 18th - August 21st. During this time, there is usually one counselor and one support staff member to respond to all of our students/parents. Counselors rotate throughout the summer working Monday through Thursday from 8 to 3 for most of the weeks. All district buildings are closed on Fridays as part of an energy savings plan. 

Please note that the counselor’s main role is to register new students, assist students who failed courses to find remedial credit options, and to discuss course changes/waiver options. We appreciate your patience since it is not feasible to respond to phone calls/email messages with the same efficiency as during the school year. Please use the Counseling Center Contact Form for your questions over the summer.  Counselors are in on a rotating schedule, so using this form allows us to respond more effectively over the summer break. 

All requests to process college application materials will be addressed after the school year starts.

Checking Final Grades for Prerequisites and Self-Reporting Grades for College Applications
Many colleges (ex: The University of Pittsburgh and Penn State) have moved to a system where students will self-report their high school grades instead of sending a transcript when applying.  It is critical students accurately report their grades.
Students and parents can access all of a student's historical grades by logging into Powerschool.  Here are instructions on how to access your historical grades:
1. Log in to PowerSchool (SAM).
2. Under "Navigation" on the left-hand side of the screen click "Grade History."
3. You will be looking at your historical grades in this screen.  Each year has a tab at the top of the screen.

Support Staff                                                                         Contact Information                                School Profile
Nancy McGrail   nmcgrail@ucfsd.net     ext 3073                                      Phone610-347-1600                                              Click here for 2016-2017 UHS Profile
Trish Vaughn      tvaughn@ucfsd.net     ext 3108                                       Fax- 610-347-1677

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Transcript Request for UHS Graduates

Click here to download the UHS Permission to Release Information if you need a copy of your transcript.  This form should not be used for seniors requesting transcripts for college applications. Please refer to the College Planning tab for the appropriate resources. 

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Counselor Caseload Distribution

Please note the new caseload assignments for the 2016-2017 school year. Seniors will remain with the same school counselor from the previous school year.

 Counselor  12th   11th  10th  9th
ext 3021 

A- Dao 

A- Cli 

 A- Dao

A- Dao 
ext 3131

 Dap- Har

Cli- Har 

Dap- G 

ext 3040

Has- Loo 

Has- Le 

H- Le 

Has- Le 
ext 3085

Lop- Pn 

Lf- McC 

Lf- Meg 
ext 3145


McD- Schn 

Meg- Sc 

Meh- Sha 
ext 3125  

Tof- Z

Scho- Z 

Sd- Z 
Lf- Meg 
Shb- Z