AT - Academically Talented

Welcome to the Gifted Support Program at
Charles F. Patton Middle School

where minds explore and soar . . .

Mission Statement:  To meet the needs of each gifted student through an enrichment program that will provide challenging learning opportunities.  As advocates for our students, we emphasize the encouragement of self awareness, self motivation and life long learning in a nurturing environment.

Education -  helping people understand the past in order to invent the future . . . 

Seminars will begin in October - check out the Seminar page - sign up in AT Classroom

6th Grade

Water Exploration, Research Project s


All grades will participate in Thinking Skills:

Reflect and Respond, Balderdash, and The Great Race, along with a vast array of contests and competitions.

7th Grade

Mysteries, Research Projects 


AT Summer Reading

Seventh grade AT students are required to read TWO MYSTERY BOOKS. One Agatha Christie Mystery and one Sir Arthur Conon Doyle mystery from the Summer Reading list over the summer.  Please be sure to make note of the important information from the books to complete a project during scheduled AT classes. 

8th Grade

Photography, Debate 
Creative  Problem
Solving, Philosophy



Mrs. Janet Schuster

Mrs. Mary Jo Knauer