Welcome our 2016-2017 Wildlife Officers!
President - Bailey Higa      

Bailey is a fourth year Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology major. She is passionate about wildlife, travel, and animals. She hopes to pursue a career in shark conservation through marine research and education outreach, or help with marketing and event planning at non-profit zoos and wildlife organizations. She enjoys scuba diving, hiking, running, photography, and horseback riding. She's looking forward to her third year as a TWS officer and getting students involved in our "wild" field both on and off-campus.

Chapter Representative - Beverly Loo

Hi! I'm a second year Animal Science major with a huge love for wildlife and all animals in general. Some of the animals I've worked with are hawks, opossum, squirrels, and foxes! I can't wait to continue my love for animals as a TWS officer.

Events Coordinator - Jack Quinn

Hi everyone! I'm Jack, the events coordinator for the Wildlife Society. I only have one more quarter left with TWS, so I plan on making it a good one and graduating with as high a GPA as possible! When I'm not on campus, you can usually find me biking west down Russell or reading one of my thousands of ebooks!

Events Coordinator Asst.- Jordan Lara

Hi guys, my name is Jordan Lara and I am a second year Animal Biology major. I have always had a love for animals, as well as a yearning to work with them. I plan on going to veterinary school and enrolling in the school’s dual degree program, in hopes of one day being a part of a wildlife conservation team. I have shadowed several veterinarians in the past 2 years, including some veterinarians at the UC Davis teaching hospital. I love soccer, adventuring, traveling, and food.

Historian/Artist - Teresa Ramirez

I'm Teresa and I am currently finishing my last year at UC Davis as a WFCB Major.  After I gradutate I plan on returning  to work for Disney in Wildlife Husbandry and do a lot of traveling. I am from Sacramento and I was the child you could always find outside and I have always been passionate about wildlife. I love softball/baseball, Disney, Harry Potter going on adventures and exploring.

Int. Public Relations Coordinator - Jessica Chalfin

I am a second year Animal Science major interested in working with large animals and wildlife. I love hiking, camping, dancing, water skiing, and owning many pets! I recently helped out with an island fox restoration project on Santa Cruz Island to remove them from the endangered species list. I'm hoping to pursue a career involving similar wildlife restoration and conservation projects. I look forward to an exciting year with The Wildlife Society!

Philanthropy Coordinator - Maddie Scott

I am a fourth year Animal Science major. I have always been passionate about wildlife and animals. I became Philanthropy Director in order to promote our club’s involvement with the community. I hope that our involvement with community service will spread the word of our club and the goals that we wish to accomplish. I am so excited to work with my fellow officers and members of The Wildlife Society to make it a great year!

Vice President - Anshita Jain
Hello Wildlifers! My name is Anshita, and I am a third year Managerial Economics major. I've loved animals ever since I can remember. I find wildlife incredibly fascinating and love going outdoors to observe them, which is why I wanted to be part of this amazing organization. My other interests include coffee, singing, and books that blow my mind. Can't wait to meet you all :) 

Treasurer - Jake Trusheim

I'm Jake Trusheim and I'm the Treasurer of The Wildlife Society. I'm a sophomore majoring in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology as well as minoring in Spanish. I grew up on the east coast but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008. I've worked at a marine mammal rehabilitation center for over 4 years and help care for sick and injured seals and sea lions. I love to travel and play soccer whenever possible! 

Secretary - Hanika Cook

I am a Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology major in my senior year. I am a huge fan of exploring new (and old) places with other nature lovers and finding out what kinds of animals and plants live there. I love the outdoors in general, but I am especially interested in birds. You'll never see me on a hike without my binoculars. 

Events Coordinator - Vanessa ZoBell

I'm Vanessa ZoBell and I am the Event Coordinator for The Wildlife Society. I am a senior WFCB major with an emphasis in Marine Ecology. I am originally from San Diego and love the ocean and all the animals that live in it. I hope to plan exciting events for UC Davis students and help the community become more involved in the love of nature. Outside of school I enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, kayaking, cliff jumping, and any adrenaline junkee activities.

Historian/Artist Asst. - Raven Barbera

I am a second-year Animal Science major from Washington with a passion for wildlife! After graduating I plan to go to veterinary school and eventually be involved with conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife. I enjoy gardening and hiking as well as other hobbies including playing tennis, doing graphic design, and playing video games! Feel free to contact me with questions or just to chat!

Ext. Public Relations Coordinator - Christina Torres

I am a fourth year Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology major. My hopes are to work in the conservation or reconciliation ecology fields, but I'd be happy just as long as I'm working around wildlife! Some of my hobbies include hiking, swimming, and soccer. I'm excited to start my final year at Davis as an officer for the Wildlife Society, and I know it's going to be a great year!