Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal website. 

        I am a first year Ph.D student at University of Maryland. In my master's study I worked on complexity analysis of the chemical reaction networks model, advised by Professor David Doty; if interested, please see my Projects page for an up-to-date draft of my research on the computational complexity of  atomic chemical reaction networks with Professor Doty. For future research topics, I am open to various computational theoretic topics, including but not limited to quantum information theory and quantum cryptography.

        I have also been working with Dr. Naizhen Zhang and Miss Rui Ma on the non-structural subtyping entailment problem. This problem generalizes to the decidability of the following question: "given a  finite constraint system \mathcal{C} of inequalities between trees and a target inequality \tau_1\leq\tau_2, is it true that all solutions to \mathcal{C} imply \tau_1\leq\tau_2?". Fairly counter-intuitively, it has been open for 20 years. Currently we are working on a commutative algebraic description of solutions to constraint systems.

       Should you have any comments, please feel free to contact me via szhu@terpmail.umd.edu or spzhu@ucdavis.edu. A brief CV of mine is also available at the bottom of this page.                                                                                           

Shaopeng Zhu,
Feb 10, 2018, 8:00 PM