Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal website. 

        I am a first year Ph.D student at University of Maryland. In my master's study I worked on complexity analysis of the chemical reaction networks model, advised by Professor David Doty; if interested, please see my Projects page for an up-to-date draft of my research on the computational complexity of  atomic chemical reaction networks with Professor Doty. Under the advice of Professor Xiaodi Wu, my current research focuses on quantum programming languages and quantum algorithms. For future research topics, I am open to various computational theoretic topics, including but not limited to quantum information theory and quantum cryptography.

        I was also working with Dr. Naizhen Zhang and Miss Rui Ma on the non-structural subtyping entailment problem. This problem generalizes to the decidability of the following question: "given a  finite constraint system \mathcal{C} of inequalities between trees and a target inequality \tau_1\leq\tau_2, is it true that all solutions to \mathcal{C} imply \tau_1\leq\tau_2?". Fairly counter-intuitively, it has been open for 20 years. Currently we are working on a commutative algebraic description of solutions to constraint systems.

       Should you have any comments, please feel free to contact me via szhu@terpmail.umd.edu or spzhu@ucdavis.edu. A brief CV of mine is also available at the bottom of this page.                                                                                           

Shaopeng Zhu,
Feb 10, 2018, 8:00 PM