Welcome to the Northern California Nanotechnology Center (NC2) Scheduling page.
This page will connect you to reservation calendars for the most commonly used equipment in the lab. This system is designed to replace the previous list-serv based reservation method with a more streamlined, reliable and readily interpretable system.

This site uses your UC Davis email account's calendar feature to reserve time on the various facilities available at NC2.
Contact the NC2 office to have your name and email account added to the approved user list for a given piece of equipment.

Once you are approved for access you can reserve time on a calender by following this simple procedure:
  1. Log into your UC Davis Gmail account
  2. Click the "Calendar" link on the top left side of the screen
  3. Click "Create Event"
    1. Type your full name in the "What" field
    2. Select the date and time you wish to reserve (note that if the time selected overlaps with a currently scheduled event your reservation will not go through)
    3. Type a brief description of your process in the "Description" field
  4. In the guest field, invite the equipment to the event
    1. If you are approved to use the equipment, when you begin to type the name of the calendar it should appear in the auto fill drop down menu.
  5. Check the calendar to be sure
    1. Your event should appear on the calender for the piece of equipment you've reserved
    2. If your event does not show up. be sure there is not a scheduling conflict and that you are on the approved user list