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Period 5-6 & 8 Chemistry
Periods 1-3 AP Chemistry
Prep 4th & 7th

Mrs. Faggiano (formerly Hooper) 
Room H101 
(415) 952-7534 
(please leave a name, number, and a brief message and I will contact you within 48 hours) 
You can also text me at this number! Be responsible.

Link to state curriculum for Chemistry in the Earth System: Chemistry-In-The-Earth-System

Link to AP Chemistry full course and exam description: New Course Exam and Description
Course Updates: Course Updates

About me:


What got me interested in teaching you ask? I strongly believe that helping someone in a small way can make a big difference. Teaching grants me access to helping a large number of students daily. The journey is long, but I look forward to what lies ahead!

Degree: BS Chemistry from UC Davis 2013
Teaching Credential from UC Davis School of Ed 2014
MAEd from UC Davis 2015
Current City: Dublin, CA
Hometown: Quartz Hill, CA
Interests: Videogames, cooking, baking, watching TV, and of course teaching!