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Second Annual

UC Davis Symposium on Language Research

May 22, 2015, Memorial Union II, UC Davis


The UC Davis Cluster on Language Research cordially invites graduate students, lecturers, and postdoctoral and visiting scholars investigating language to participate in the Second Annual UC Davis Symposium on Language Research. The purpose of this symposium is to showcase current investigations on language being completed at a variety of universities, and to cultivate a community of language researchers throughout California. A wide array of topics across all languages is welcome, as it is our goal to create an open and inclusive symposium to promote dialogue between all types of language research.

Areas (including but not limited to):

Theoretical/Applied Linguistics                          Ethnography and Language

Language Acquisition                                             Language Pedagogy

Language and Technology                                     TESOL

Psycholinguistics                                                     Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

Philosophy of Language                                         Computational Linguistics

Language Policy                                                       Sociolinguistics

Literatures                                                                Translation Studies

Language Revitalization/Preservation                Other topics welcomed


Affiliated UC Davis departments and programs:

Linguistics                         Languages and Literatures          Computer Science    

School of Education         Philosophy                                      Sociology       

Psychology                         Anthropology                                  Culture Studies

The Cluster on Language Research includes members from the following departments:

Linguistics                                Spanish & Portuguese                                       

School of Education                French                                                  

Psychology                                Computer Science                                                


Current UC Davis sponsors:         

Davis Humanities Institute                           Davis Language Center (DLC)       School of Education

Graduate Student Association                      Graduate Group in Linguistics     UC Davis Student Affairs

Department of Spanish and Portuguese    Institute for Social Sciences         Student Recruitment & Retention Center

Department of Linguistics                             Department of Psychology