Spring 2015

Lecture: Tues & Thurs 6:10pm-7:30pm, Everson Hall 176
Discussion: Mon 2:10-3pm, Wellman Hall 2 
Units: 4

Instructor: Yong Jae Lee
Email: yjlee@cs.ucdavis  (email subject should begin with "[ECS 189G]")
Office: Academic Surge 1044
Office hours: Fri 4-6 PM

TA: Ahsan Abdullah
Email: aabdullah@ucdavis 
Office: Academic Surge 1044
Office hours: Tues & Thurs 4-6 PM

TA: Vivek Dubey
Email: vvkdubey@ucdavis 
Office: Academic Surge 1044
Office hours: Mon & Wed 6-8 PM

  • (5/19) Problem Set 3 out (due 6/3, 11:59 pm)
  • (4/30) Problem Set 2 out (due 5/15, 11:59 pm 5/16, 11:59 am)
  • (4/14) Problem Set 1 out (due 4/29, 11:59 pm)
  • (4/9) Info on IET Virtual Labs for MATLAB remote access (thanks Shehzad Lokhandwalla!)
  • (4/3) Instructions on obtaining a Graphical Interface (e.g., for MATLAB) via SSH to CSIF machines (thanks Vivek!)
  • (4/2) Problem Set 0 out (due 4/10, 11:59 pm)
  • Sign-up for our class piazza here (access code sent via email).

Course Overview

Computer vision is the study of enabling machines to "see" the visual world (i.e., understand images and videos).   In this upper-division undergraduate course, we will explore several fundamental topics in the area, including features and filters, grouping and fitting, and recognition.


Basic knowledge of probability and linear algebra; data structures, algorithms; and programming experience.  Experience with image processing or Matlab will help but is not necessary.  Please talk to me if you are unsure if the course is a good match for your background.


Computer Labs (w/ Matlab)
  • CSIF labs 67, 71, 75.  Account info here.  Remote access info here.  pc33-pc60 have Matlab.  
  • Academic Surge 1044 and 1116.  Lab schedule can be found here.  ECS 189GL is reserved for our class; other empty slots are available as well.  Remote access info here.
  • IET Virtual labs here.  Please read the FAQ.
  • Otherwise, Matlab (Simulink Student Suite) can be purchased for $99 here.


Rather than emailing questions to the teaching staff, please post your questions on Piazza.  Our class page: https://piazza.com/uc_davis/spring2015/ecs189g
While we encourage you to help your fellow students, please do not post assignment solutions.


We will use SmartSite for problem set submissions and grading.  Our class page: https://smartsite.ucdavis.edu/portal/site/ecs189g-sp2015


Students will be responsible for participating in class and on piazza, completing 4 problem sets, and completing a final exam.


The final grade will be determined by:
  • Class and piazza participation (5%)
  • Problem sets (70%)
  • Final exam (25%)

Important Dates
  • 4/10: PS0 due 
  • 4/29: PS1 due (tentative) 
  • 5/15: PS2 due (tentative) 
  • 6/3: PS3 due (tentative) 
  • 6/10: Final exam

Detailed course requirements and grading are here.

Schedule (tentative)

 Date  Topic  Reading and links  Lectures  Assignments, deadlines
 3/31  Course intro  Szeliski 1.1-1.3  Intro [ppt] [pdf]

 4/2  Features and filters  Szeliski 3.1.1-2, 3.2  Linear filters [ppt] [pdf[pdf-notes]  PS0 out [pdf]
 Szeliski 3.2.3, 4.2
 Seam carving paper
 Seam carving video
 Gradients [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]
 Szeliski 3.3.2-4  Edges and binary image analysis [ppt] [pdf[pdf-notes]  PS0 due Fri 4/10, 11:59 pm
 Szeliski 10.5 
 Texture Synthesis
 Texture [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  PS1 out [pdf]
 Szeliski 2.3.2
 Foundations of Color, B. Wandell
Lotto Lab illusions
 Color [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]

 4/21  Grouping and fitting  Szeliski 5.2-5.4 
 k-means demo
 Segmentation and clustering [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]   
 Szeliski 4.3.2
 Hough Transform demo
 Excerpt from Ballard & Brown
 Hough transform [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  
 Szeliski 5.1.1  Deformable contours [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  PS1 due Wed 4/29, 11:59 pm
 Szeliski 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 6.1.1  Alignment and 2D image transformations [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  PS2 out [pdf]
 Szeliski 3.6.1, 6.1.4  Homography and image warping [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]
 Szeliski 4.1  Local invariant features 1 [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]
 Szeliski 4.1  Local invariant features 2 [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  

 5/14  Recognition  Grauman & Leibe Ch 1-4 (3 is review)
 Grauman & Leibe Ch 5,6 
 Szeliski 14.3
 Video Google demo by Sivic et al., paper
 Indexing local features and instance recognition [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  PS2 due Fri 5/15 Sat 5/16, 11:59 am
 Grauman & Leibe Ch 7,8.1,9.1,11.1
 Szeliski 14.1
 Intro to category recognition [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  PS3 out [pdf]
 Grauman & Leibe Ch 7,8.1,9.1,11.1
 Szeliski 14.1
 Viola-Jones face detection paper (for additional reference)
 Face detection [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]
 Grauman & Leibe Ch 11.3 11.4 
 Szeliski 14.4
 Discriminative classifiers for image recognition [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]
 Grauman & Leibe Ch 11.3 11.4 
 Szeliski 14.4 
 Parts-based models [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]

 Deep learning [ppt] [pdf] [pdf-notes]  PS3 due Wed 6/3, 11:59 pm

 Course wrap-up and review

 6/10    Final exam    Final exam 8:30-10:30 pm  


This course has been inspired by these courses:
Thanks to Rick Szeliski for making his textbook available online for free.  I am also grateful to many instructors including Alyosha Efros, Steve Seitz, Derek Hoiem, and Svetlana Lazebnik for making their course slides publicly available.

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