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First measurement of the bulk flow of nearby galaxies using the cosmic microwave background  Guilhem Lavaux et al  Marius October 4, 2012   
The Unprecedented Third Outburst of SN 2009ip: A Luminous Blue Variable Becomes a Supernova Jon C. Mauerhan et al  Marius October 4, 2012   
CFBDSIR2149-0403: a 4-7 Jupiter-mass free-floating planet in the young moving group AB Doradus ? P. Delorme et al  Marius October 4, 2012   
An estimate of the electron density in filaments of galaxies at z~0.1  Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, Kevin A. Pimbblet, Jasmina S. Lazendic This paper got lots of press recently. Ami May 28, 2011   
A Precise Cluster Mass Profile Averaged from the Highest-Quality Lensing Data Umetsu, Broadhurst, et al.  Ami May 4, 2011   
New constraints on the evolution of the stellar-to-dark matter connection: a combined analysis of galaxy-galaxy lensing, clustering, and stellar mass functions from z=0.2 to z=1 Leauthaud et al. Application of the theoretical framework for combining clustering, stellar mass functions, and G-G lensing to COSMOS data Ami April 12, 2011   
Constraints on f(R) gravity from probing the large-scale structure Lucas Lombriser, Anze Slosar, Uros Seljak, Wayne Hu  Ami April 12, 2011   
A theoretical framework for combining techniques that probe the link between galaxies and dark matter A. Leauthaud, J. Tinker, P. S. Behroozi, M. T. Busha, R. Wechsler  Ami March 10, 2011   
Probing the dark-matter halos of cluster galaxies with weak lensing E. Pastor Mira, S. Hilbert, J. Hartlap, P. Schneider Probably of interest to several people in the cosmo group here since measuring the galaxy and cluster masses simultaneously is challenging. Ami March 10, 2011   
Weak Lensing Science, Surveys, and Systematics  Sudeep Das, Roland de Putter, Eric V. Linder, Reiko Nakajima  Ami February 27, 2011   
And the winner is: galaxy mass Daniel Thomas Conference proceedings, but possibly a useful starting point for discussion of dependence of observed relations on galaxy mass. Ami February 27, 2011   
Mass, Light and Colour of the Cosmic Web in the Supercluster SCL2243-0935 (z=0.447) Schirmer et al. supercluster Ami February 23, 2011   
Luminous Satellites of Early-Type Galaxies I: Spatial Distribution Nierenberg, et al.  Ami February 9, 2011  February 11, 2011 
The Steppenwolf: A proposal for a habitable planet in interstellar space Abbot & Switzer rogue planets Ami February 9, 2011   
Estimation of cosmological parameters using adaptive importance sampling Wraith et al.  Jim Bosch February 3, 2011 Jim Bosch February 4, 2011 
The Dark Matter Distribution in Abell 383: Evidence for a Shallow Density Cusp from Improved Lensing, Stellar Kinematic and X-ray Data Newman et al. arXiv "stellar velocity dispersion profile to a radius of 26 kpc for the first time,"  Ami January 20, 2011   
A massive proto-cluster of galaxies at a redshift of z {\approx} 5.3 Capak et al. arXiv accepted to Nature Ami January 20, 2011   
Southern Cosmology Survey. II. Massive Optically Selected Clusters from 70 Square Degrees of the Sunyaev–Zel'dovich Effect Common Survey Area Menanteau ads  Will December 10, 2010   
Cosmological Constraints from a 31 GHz Sky Survey with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Array Muchovej et al. ads Our SZ friends have published their findings for the SZA (which has overlap with the DLS). Will December 10, 2010   
Weak gravitational lensing as a method to constrain unstable dark matter Wang et al. ads  Will December 10, 2010   
Substructure lensing in galaxy clusters as a constraint on low-mass sterile neutrinos in tensor-vector-scalar theory: The straight arc of Abell 2390 Feix et al. ads Might be of interest to Ben. Will December 10, 2010   
X-Ray Emission from Two Infrared-Selected Galaxy Clusters at z>1.4 in the IRAC Shallow Cluster Survey Brodwin et al. (including Greg) ads Greg is a part of finding some high-z clusters. Will December 8, 2010   
Galaxy clustering in the NEWFIRM Medium Band Survey: the relationship between stellar mass and dark matter halo mass at 1 < z < 2 Wake et al.  Ami    
A substantial population of low-mass stars in luminous elliptical galaxies van Dokkum and Conroy in newspapers lately: evidence for a non-universal IMF? Jim Bosch December 7, 2010 Jim Bosch December 10, 2010 
On the Accuracy of Weak Lensing Cluster Mass Reconstructions  Jim  Jim November 19, 2010 
Spectroscopic confirmation of two Lyman break galaxies at redshift beyond 7 Vanzella et al.  arXiv Two Lyman-alpha Detections of z~7.1 Galaxies Lemo    
Spectroscopic confirmation of a galaxy at redshift z = 8.6 Lehnert et al. ads  Nicholas Hall November 29, 2010 Nicholas Hall December 3, 2010 
The Shape and Profile of the Milky Way Halo as Seen by the CFHT Legacy Survey Branimir Sesar, Mario Juric and Zeljko Ivezic  Ami    
The PRIsm MUlti-Object Survey (PRIMUS) I: Survey Overview and Characteristics Coil et al. "largest faint galaxy survey undertaken to date" - of particular interest to DLS because they have spectra in F5 Ami    
The mass-L_x relation for moderate luminosity X-ray clusters A brief summary is in the Presentations folder Ami   November 19, 2010 
Effects of large-scale structure on the accuracy of weak lensing mass measurements Nice followup to Ami's presentation Ami    
The A2197 and A2199 galaxy clusters Yad ads This covers merging cluster geometry Will November 19, 2010   
Detecting Galaxy Clusters in the DLS and CARS: a Bayesian Cluster Finder Ascaso ads Begona has created an optical cluster catalog for the DLS Will November 17, 2010   
The H-alpha Luminosity Function and Star-Formation Rate Volume Density at z=0.8 from the NEWFIRM H-alpha Survey  Ami    
Probing Galaxy Dark Matter Haloes in COSMOS with Weak Lensing Flexion I forgot that lensing flexion had been "measured" in the DLS. Ami    
Measuring the Galaxy Cluster Bulk Flow From WMAP Data  Ami    
The SIMPLE Survey: observations, reduction, and catalog  Ami    
Cluster Mass Profiles from a Bayesian Analysis of Weak Lensing Distortion and Magnification Measurements: Applications to Subaru Data Umetsu et al  Ami    
The clustering of massive galaxies at z~0.5 from the first semester of BOSS data  Ami    
The geometry of the filamentary environment of galaxy clusters Noh & Cohn ads This is useful information for Dave, Begona and I to consider in our WL filament work. Will November 12, 2010   
A mature cluster with X-ray emission at z=2.07  ads The latest and "greatest" in high-z clusters. Will    
An X-ray Selected Galaxy Cluster in the Lockman Hole at Redshift 1.753  Lemo    
The Origin of [OII] Emission in Recently Quenched AGN Hosts  Lemo    
Low-ionization galaxies and evolution in a pilot survey up to z = 1  Lemo    
SUNGLASS: A new weak lensing simulation pipeline  Ami    
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