Jordà & Taylor “Riders on the Storm" Paper


Video: Nobel Symposium: Alan Taylor, Indebtedness of governments, firms, and households



DATA Release 4, May 2019: http://www.macrohistory.net/data/

• See: Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “Macrofinancial History and the New Business Cycle Facts” NBER Macroeconomics Annual w22743.pdf

• See: Jordà, Knoll, Kuvshinov, Schularick & Taylor “The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870–2015" Quarterly Journal of Economics w24112.pdf


NEW Review of Economic Studies Forthcoming

Jordà, Richter, Schularick & Taylor “Bank Capital Redux: Solvency, Liquidity, and Crisis” w23287.pdf

NEW American Economic Review: Insights Forthcoming

Benguria & Taylor “After the Panic: Are Financial Crises Demand or Supply Shocks? Evidence from International Trade” w25790.pdf

NEW Quarterly Journal of Economics 2019

Jordà, Knoll, Kuvshinov, Schularick & Taylor “The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870–2015" w24112.pdf

• Link to the complete merged online dataset: http://www.macrohistory.net/data/

• Link to the QJE-only replication files: https://dataverse.harvard.edu/

NEW Review of Economics and Statistics Forthcoming

Novy & Taylor “Trade and Uncertainty” w19941.pdf

NEW Journal of Monetary Economics Forthcoming

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “The Effects of Quasi-Random Monetary Experiments” w23074.pdf

• Link to the Trilemma IV data: JSTtrilemmaIV.csv

NEW IMF Economic Review 2019

Jordà, Schularick, Taylor & Ward, “Global Financial Cycles and Risk Premiums,” w24677.pdf

NEW Journal of Economic Perspectives 2017

Obstfeld & Taylor “International Monetary Relations: Taking Finance Seriously” jep.31.3.3

Journal of the European Economic Association 2016

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “Sovereigns versus Banks: Credit, Crises and Consequences" w19506.pdf

Economic Journal 2016

Jordà & Taylor “The Time for Austerity: Estimating the Average Treatment Effect of Fiscal Policy” w19414.pdf

Economic Policy 2016

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “The Great Mortgaging: Housing Finance, Crises, and Business Cycles” w20501.pdf

Journal of Monetary Economics 2015

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “Leveraged Bubbles” w21486.pdf

Annual Review of Economics 2015

Taylor “Credit, Financial Stability, and the Macroeconomy” w21039.pdf

Journal of International Economics 2015

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “Betting the House” w20771.pdf

Journal of Economic Perspectives 2013

O’Rourke & Taylor “Cross of Euros” jep.27.3.167

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 2013

Jordà, Schularick & Taylor “When Credit Bites Back” w17621.pdf

American Economic Review 2012

Schularick & Taylor “Credit Booms Gone Bust: Monetary Policy, Leverage Cycles and Financial Crises, 1870–2008” w15512.pdf

• Online dataset: CreditBoomsAER_data_replication


NEW Davis, Fuenzalida & Taylor “The Natural Rate Puzzle: Global Macro Trends and the Market-Implied r*” w26560.pdf

NEW Davis & Taylor “The Leverage Factor: Credit Cycles and Asset Returns” w26435.pdf

NEW O'Rourke, Rahman & Taylor “Trade, Technology, and the Great Divergence” w25741.pdf

NEW Jordà, Schularick & Taylor, “The Total Risk Premium Puzzle,” w25653.pdf

Choi & Taylor “Precaution Versus Mercantilism: Reserve Accumulation, Capital Controls, and the Real Exchange Rate” w23341.pdf

Aikman, Bush & Taylor “Monetary Versus Macroprudential Policies: Causal Impacts of Interest Rates and Credit Controls in the Era of the UK Radcliffe Report” w22380.pdf

Caliendo, Feenstra, Romalis & Taylor “Tariff Reductions, Entry, and Welfare: Theory and Evidence for the Last Two Decades” w21768.pdf