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UCC's Justice and Witness Ministries

United Church of Christ’s Justice and Witness Ministries ( is a very active website.  The UCC sends an e-mail once or more every week regarding issues that are timely and that UCC has a particular stance.  There is a reference whereby one may respond by e-mail and a suggested letter to senators, representatives, and others in government.

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I do not expect that everyone will be responding to every issue every week, and there will be issues on which you may not agree with the stance the UCC has taken.  Hopefully the emails will help you to gain understanding of the issues that we find important.  Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything you see, and if you have e-mail, you may reach me at

God Bless All,

Wayne Pressler

Social Justice Issues and Links

Human Rights

Gay/Lesbian issues: 

American Friends Service Committee(Quakers): or

Environment and Sustainable Living

Passive Housing:  Click HERE for an architectural PowerPoint rendering of the steps needed to construct a net zero, passive house.

And, HERE for more on the effects of building passively.

Power through Solar and Wind: Click HERE for practical information on the subject.  

Environmental Defense Fund: 

Environmental Working Group: 

Recycling:   Wayne and Stark counties

Sustainable household products you can make yourself:  weed killers and insecticides

Informed Voting

Learn judicial candidates' credentials and positions:

Health Care



General health tips: 

Social Security: Home page  

How Not To Die:   Atlantic Magazine article; Dr. Angelo Volandes

Gun Control

Multiple causes including many of the above issues:


Understanding the Denomination's Issues

Follow this link to a wide view of the denomination's concerns.