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Peace Group

Barberton/Norton/Wadsworth Peace Group

The group was formed approximately 1985 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church under the leadership of Dr. Richard Yoder for the purpose of studying and promoting Justice & Peace locally and throughout the world.

The group now meets at Grace UCC of Loyal Oak on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. and offers either a round table discussion or a guest speaker...and lots of pertinent information is shared.

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Questions?  Call Wayne Pressler at  330-336-6475 

Current Area Events

visit regularly, more may be forthcoming soon

Peace Group Meetings

The Barberton/Norton/Wadsworth Peace Group meets at Grace United Church of Christ, 3285 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road in Norton.

Meetings begin with refreshments and conversation at 7:00 p.m. The formal portion of each meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. 

The public is enthusiastically invited.

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Peaceful Thoughts

Sustainable Energy solutions in development 

Electricity Generation from:


Terry Tribe Johnson, from Summit County Re-entry Network who will talk to us about re-entry programs for those being released from prison.

Biographical Information – Terry Tribe Johnson

Terry Tribe Johnson was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She obtained her Associates Diploma after High School and worked as a Travel Agent for several years. Upon returning to school to get a B.A. in Social Sciences, Terry recognized a call to Christian ministry. She moved to Lexington, Kentucky to pursue her Masters in Theology. Terry specialized in pastoral care, which included experiences as the minister of a congregation, working as a chaplain in a hospital and interning at an inner city crisis center.

Upon completion of her M. Div., Terry moved again, this time to Cleveland, Ohio, where she successfully finished a Clinical Pastoral Education Residency at The Cleveland Clinic. Having made the most of her five-year student visa to study in the USA, Terry moved back to Canada, where she served as the first full time female Chaplain at Kingston General Hospital. 

A call from a country parish came several years later, upon which she moved to an area familiar to many Americans: the Region of Niagara. Terry enjoyed the experiences of serving Winger Church of Christ (Disciples) and met the Reverend Elmer Johnson, when he was the minister at another church in the same area. They married and continued to pastor at different churches, until deciding that their very hectic lifestyles needed a change. 

Terry resigned her position and moved into non-profit work. The John Howard Society works with ex-offenders and non-offenders in the areas of employment and education. During her venture into employment counseling, Elmer Johnson received a call to serve as the minister of Mogadore Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), in Mogadore, Ohio. Although her husband began his ministry in Mogadore in January 2007, it would be several months before the U.S. State Department completed the paperwork for Terry to enter the USA with a green card/Permanent Resident Visa. A friend who worked for Corrections Canada, suggested that Terry contact Oriana House, Inc. to discover if they might be a good match for her skills. She was delighted to be offered a position with Oriana House, Inc. and most recently, worked as the Employment Specialist with the Felony Drug Court Program at their non-residential facility.

Terry brings a variety of education, life-experience and enthusiasm to the position of Summit County Reentry Coordinator. Her dedication to evidence-based practices, contributes to the understanding that ‘it just makes good sense’ to focus time, energy and finances towards helping returning citizens integrate in to our County. Providing a variety of essential support not only helps people with felonies and their families to re-unite and heal, but makes our community a much safer place to live.

Terry lives in Summit County with her husband, two dogs, two cats and a garden that is always in progress.

  • Debbie Silverstein of Single Payer Action Network spoke on "Where We Go From Here" on the Affordable Care Act.  And, tune in at your convenience to see/hear the latest Health Care for All internet radio show with hosts Debbie Silverstein and Eric Meadows in conversation with guest Dr. Anne Scheetz, medical doctor and organizer for Physicians for a National Health Program, on the topics of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Other insights into the Health Care Debate

How will the cost and shape of the health care industry develop in the near future?   
Some insights into this question.
  • The Atlantic Magazine the impact of technology on quality and costs of health care delivery.
  • Special Report from Time magazine. March 4, 2013  A conversation that opens up the inner workings of the health care industry, what ails it and how to improve it; "Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us".  
  • Physicians for a National Health Program, a Chicago based organization of 18,000 physicians who embrace the need for a single payer health care system in the United States.  Visit here for some additional views on the nature of the issues.
  • If you are inclined to voice your opinion to your elected representatives visit here.