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Music's Role at GLO

The purpose of worship at GLO is to express love, gratitude and adoration to God for all of creation, for the work of Christ, the presence of the Spirit and the gift of grace.

We believe God is our "audience" during worship, and we, God's people, are responsible to worship God with sincerity, passion, and excellence.  Expressing oneself through music remains a basic human need and for most of us the comfort and security of participating is most easily done through ones church.  Historically, theology has played a significant role in nurturing music as many of the great masters have been encouraged, sponsored and housed in church environments.  GLO is no exception and welcomes anyone who wishes to join in.  

GLO Choir

Often candidate singers express concern about two things:
  1. inability to read music
  2. difficulty making rehearsal
Here are our thoughts about these concerns:
  1. CAN'T READ MUSIC: if you can sing and can pick up the tunes quickly by ear, join us.  Just come to the rehearsals so that you can get a decent start on the music.  Electronic files of the music are provided via the Internet to help familiarize you.
  2. LIMITED TIME TO REHEARSE: if you can't make rehearsals though can read music, come on Sunday mornings anyway.  You will be able to get your part easily enough.  Most of the selections we present are easy to absorb and usually we go over future week's music then too.
The camaraderie and enjoyment from making music are healthy rewards for all of us.  

Gathering times

Rehearsal:  Sunday mornings at 9:00 p.m.

Live fulfillment:  Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.

GLO Wind Ensemble

Music is created in many ways and we at GLO encourage them all.

One way is to combine complimentary instruments.  GLO Wind Ensemble is one of these.  The Kasers and Evans have merged brass and reed since 2011 and are pleased to offer the result at appropriate times during church services.


We are always looking for anyone who would like to participate musically.  We encourage you to be in touch about your ideas as we are excited to learn what you would like to do.

At this time we are networking to find a tubist and horn player to have a fuller, richer sound that enables us to play quintet repertoire with the additional quality of richer pedal tones brought by adding bass clarinet to tuba.

Thinking beyond this combination, we'd enjoy strings and percussion.  The thought of adding smiles to congregants with an occasional upbeat service with a kazoo band presentation would be unusual.  And, so on.  Let the imagination go and see what might pop up.