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A special appeal for help from GLO's Nancy Kirby to benefit Miller Avenue Church (July 4, 2013)

Among all the other problems we are having at Miller Avenue, we found out a couple weeks ago that the group that provided lunch for the kids three days a week for the past few years is not able to do so this year. The board is trying to patch this together to get through this summer and then come up with more permanent plans for the future.

Do you think GLO, and/or any of you, could help with this? We are trying to feed 50 kids at noon on Mon, Wed, and Fri through the middle of August. We also need lunches for Tue and Thursday the week of 7/22 for VBS. I will be providing breakfast every day for VBS, with funds from Heart and Hands, as I've done for about 5 years now. I can help prepare lunches but cannot deliver or serve them as I work in Wadsworth full time. Hudson UCC took lunch to the kids yesterday for the first time this year and said the kids were very hungry, polite and appreciative.

The dates that still need covered are 7/12, 8/2, 8/5, 8/9 and 8/12 as well as 7/23 and 25 for VBS. We have reached out to other churches, also.

Thanks for your prayers, ideas and help with this!

Peace and blessings, Nancy Kirby

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