Evangelism Ministry

GLO's Evangelism team is focused on breathing Christ's spirit and hope into GLO's members, friends and contacts.  Mark Jobes, our Evanglism leader, has been one of several GLO members who have striven to find activities that GLO can support, and learn from, that further social justice.

In August 2017 a return visit was made to Lott, Kentucky.  After this second visit, Mark, here shares some insight on his experience. 

The lives of those who have made the trek have been altered by the experience. The Lott's Creek community has been changed for the better over the years initially by Alice Sloane and subsequently by Alice Whitaker, her niece. At its core the effort has been about building hope through education as Lott's Creek's students become residents. More recently, through retired NBA star Roderick Rhodes' successfully coaching Cordia's basketball team to win Kentucky's state championship, a substantial sense of hope and pride has surfaced in Lott's Creek. Sadly, injustice abounds still in the minds of some in the area as Rhodes was fired by the County's Superintendent of Schools on curious charges.

Even so the need for adequate housing has been the focus for the GLO team when at Lott's Creek.

February 17th, Alice Whitaker visited GLO at the Lott's Creek dinner held on that date, as the Lott's Creek Akron Area Group is in the planning stages for the Lott's Creek 2018 visit in late July.  Mark Jobes is spearheading the local effort. , Alice outlined current challenges being experienced with the Cordia Community school. At the conclusion of her discussion the Lott's Creek Akron Group presented her with a financial gift to aid in the current construction efforts.     


In response to the lack of schools beyond the 6th Grade level Lott's Creek Community School (LCCS) was founded in 1933 by Alice H. Sloan. LCCS began as a residential settlement school, which means the children lived on campus during the school year.  The school's first classes were conducted in a log cabin (picture left) that still stands on the campus. In 1952 a three-story classroom building was constructed. A gymnasium was added in 1967 and the present modern school building opened in 1998, The new school building was entirely funded by private donations. Sadly, Alice Sloan did not live to see the completion of the new showplace.

Alice was a native of Caney Creek who was encouraged at age fifteen by her teacher Mrs.` Alice Lloyd to further her education. So she packed up what little she had and moved to Cleveland, Ohio where she attended high school and lived with Ann Anthony Bacon niece of suffragette Susan B, Anthony,  Alice eventually graduated from college, earning a BS in Education from Ohio State University in 1932, Alice Lloyd always insisted that the students she sent Up North return to the hollers of Kentucky to pay their education forward, however while attending school up north Alice Slone met a wealthy young man and became engaged, Alice did return to the mountains but she came back to tell her teacher Alice Lloyd she would not be back, But upon seeing the desperate need for education  she called off her wedding, set her personal life aside and came home. After a year of teaching at Caney Creek, she answered another desperate call for education in the Lott's Creek community.  Glad to be home with her people, and in her mountains, the community got behind her and has been a driving force ever since,

The family tradition of service continues through her niece Alice Whitaker who now directs the school and the mission work under the same principles on which it was founded,

You can learn more about Lott's Creek here