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Calling all Administrators!

In order to support our part time administrator I am calling on all of you Administration types to help support in the requisite office duties in the foreseeable future. Please contact Pastor if interested and we will look for a date to lay out a strategic plan for the office.

Helping whilst You Shop

Acme Community Cash Back
:  An easy way to give back to GLO.     
1) Shop Acme Fresh Markets. 

2) Bring your Acme receipts to church. 

3) Place your receipts in the donation envelope. 

4) At the end of the year Ruth Kaser will submit our receipts and Acme will give 5% back to the church. 

Thanks for participating.


We have had a number of doors found open recently. So, by way of reminder, we ask that any doors marked with 'Emergency Exit Only' signs be   opened only in the event of emergency. This applies to the exterior doors at the Fellowship Hall, Rainbow Room, the Nursery, the Kitchen, and the west Corridor exit door outside Classroom D.  When left open these doors allow cold air and critters into the building.  Please refrain from opening these doors, but if the doors must be opened, make sure they are latched closed 
tightly before leaving.

Video from the 2017 Annual United Church of Christ General Synod in Baltimore, Maryland

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            YOGA at GLO
            Saturday mornings 9:00 to 10:00;

Breathe!  Stretch!  Relax!
A gentle beginner class includes chair yoga modifications.
Cost is $8.00 per session.

            Regular Sunday morning's include the following organized activities...
Bible Study: Bible Study led by Rev. Heather Wicks is on summer vacation until the start of full, fall church programming.  
CHOIR PRACTICE:  9:00 a.m.  Choir will also take a summer vacation beginning June 3. Resumption date will probably be around the early Sundays in September. In the interim individual contributors will be making their musical contributions as arranged through Ophelia Shan, Music Director.        

            WORSHIP:  10:30 a.m.

                    Is in Fellowship Hall beginning June 3 to and including September 2, 2018

            AFTER SERVICE
                   Social time in Fellowship hall
                            Refreshments, good sharing and discussions, get to know each other even better and find out  what is going on in our community.