GRACE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST                                          of Loyal Oak

3285 Cleveland Massillon Rd., Norton, OH 44203

 Phone:  (330) 825-3259

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Sunday Services and Sunday School: 10:30 a.m.

We Are

An Open and Affirming Congregation since 1986

A Just - Peace Congregation

An Eco - Justice Congregation

An Affirming Statement of Welcome      

We, the Congregation of
 Grace UCC of Loyal Oak (GLO), welcome you….

If you are Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Black, or White;
If you are male, female, or transgender;
If you are 5 days old, 25, 55, or 105;
If you’ve never been in a church, temple, cathedral or mosque;
If you are single, married, widowed, divorced, separated, partnered;
If you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or yet unsure of your sexuality;
If you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Socialist, Libertarian, Green or no party at all;
If you are pro life, or pro choice;
If you have, or have had addictions, phobias, or a criminal record;
If you have a disability of any kind or not;
If you own your home, rent, live with parents, or are homeless;
However the rest of the world describes you, and however you describe yourself:


Supporting our ministries 


Once you walk through our doors you are considered family

Anyone looking for a community of friends who are as diverse as the world, but at home with each other; who long to pursue justice and peace on the local and global levels; are looking for programs for their children that share their goals and teach their values; or are simply seeking rest, looking for a sanctuary or a calm center in the midst of life are invited to join.

Click and See 
Pastor's Observations and Church Activities
for a current run-down of events in the life of the church.

Contact by calling (330) 825-3259
to learn how to join us virtually on line 

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO OUR CHURCH MEMBERS                    AND  GUESTS                      

Good Evening Church,

I am writing  this to you to let you know that after a lot of fact finding, a lot of conversation with the larger settings of the UCC, and a lot of consideration by your Church Consistory and as guided by instructions from the CDC and the State of Ohio, the church will be closed until further notice.

The Church will be closed until it is safe to return again 
and the facility has been sanitized.

Here are a few things to be aware of:

What is cancelled? 
  • Worship
  • Mid-week Lenten Retreats
  • The Election Day Bake Sale
  • The Swiss Steak Dinner
  • New Members Orientation
  • Upcoming Baptism and New Members Welcome
What about all of the outside user groups?
  • All of the AA Groups and NA Groups will have access to the building - each group will decide for themselves if they will stop meeting.
  • Girl Scouts - same as above. 
  • Election - will most likely take place.
Anything else regarding building use?
Yes, we have been approached by the Norton School's Latchkey Program to see if we would be willing to open the program at GLO, if the schools should close. Since this service is largely for single working parents and at risk youth, Consistory has said, yes. Should the schools close, we will house the program. All liability issues and safety issues are being discussed now. There is very little to no risk to the church that we are aware of at this point.

Call me on my cell phone, I will be glad to answer any of your questions. 216-548-1956

Last things.
Virtual Giving. One of the concerns we are faced with as a community is how we will remain financially viable without the missed offerings. The church Treasurer, and Jim, the Financial Secretary are working on plans. In the meantime, please keep your giving in mind, set some money aside each week to cover your giving or pledge and watch for more details in the coming week.

Virtual Worship. I am preparing a sermon each week and a service of prayer for its setting. I will send a link to the service to you every Saturday Night that we remain closed via email, so a worship service will still be available.

Be safe, be smart, WASH YOUR HANDS, and avoid crowds - and may the peace of Christ rule in your hearts until we can gather together again.
Pastor Kurt