Welcome to Second Grade with Mrs. Taylor

The second grade team of teachers has many exciting things planned this year. Watch for a homework calendar to come home monthly.




Our lunch and recess is from 10:40-11:10 and 12:00-12:15



Day One: Art                           Day Two: Gym                         Day: Three Library                                                               Day Four: Computer                Day Five:  Music

Our Special Classes Rotate Every Five Days.

To call Mrs Taylor: at school, 438-7611, Ext. 2112.


Transportation concerns!

Send a note to explain any changes in transportation after school. For example, children need a note to give permission for riding a different bus or to go home with a friend, relative or neighbor.


 Special Announcement

 I am willing to meet and/or talk with any parent at any time, just let me know.  We are a team and this is your child's education.
Winter Recess: We will go outside for recess as often as possible.
The temperature is expected to be above 25 degrees.  Dress your child accordingly!
Read with your child on a daily basis.  You can read to them as it is important for them to hear quality reading.  Pick out books of interest for your child.  Reading needs to be fun.
Math facts should also be practiced regularly for sums and differences to and from 20.          Practice skip counting by 2, 5, 10 starting with any number.  Count backward.
Great games to play at home that will enhance learning.
Scrabble Slam
Counting, Adding, and Subtracting
Hi Ho! Cherry-o
Chutes and Ladders
Attributes, Patterns, and Geometry
Crazy eights
Guess Who?
Guess Where?
jigsaw puzzles
Strategy And Spacial Perception
Clue jr.
Connect Four

Mrs. Taylor’s Fun Spelling and Math Websites!


Spelling and Vocabulary

1.      Go to www.SpellingCity.com.

2.      Click on “Find a List”.

3.      Select “Pennsylvania”.

4.      Select “U” for Union City.

5.      Choose “Union City”.

6.      Click on the “U” again.

7.      Select “Union City Elementary School”.

8.      Under the Registered Teachers Box, select “Cheryl Taylor”.

9.      From there, you can choose the lesson that the class is working on and practice the spelling and vocabulary words. Also, there is a “game” link beside the lessons where you can play games to help you with your spelling and vocabulary skills!



1.      www.EverydayMathOnline.com.

2.      Each student has their own specific username and password. DO NOT SHARE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD!!

3.      After you have logged in with your correct username and password, you can choose between three links. Online games, Family Resources, and My Interactive Reference Book.

4.      When you choose “Online Games”, a new browser will appear. Choose 2nd grade at the top of the website.

5.      You can play these games to help you with your math skills!

6.      When you are finished playing, close out of the new browser, and do not forget to logout!