Education for the mind, body & soul

 TOOL  anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose: Education is a tool for success.
Welcome, to the greatest show in the Union City School District, home of the Union city bears. My class is designed to motivate, stimulate and provide a positive experience in a variety of Lifetime Fitness and Leisure Recreational Activities. Your child can achieve excellence regardless of size, maturity, coordination, body type, or other physical capability.We, as a department are concerned with developing a child’s positive attitude towards physical education that will last a lifetime. My class is always open to parents.(but remember if you come to visit be prepared to get involved.)  We have three rules, no crying, no bleeding, & no getting hurt. Our Gym is a bully free, and we will settle many disputes with rock, paper, scissors. (the silly hand game not the real thing)
Mr. Brian Patten.
Elementary Ehysical Education Instuctor
2013 Golden Apple award winner.