In the fall and winter of 2010/11, college instructor Paul Quelet compiled a large list of online resources to accompany a college-level introduction to meteorology course. Resources include links to MetEd modules as well as many other reliable sites dedicated to atmospheric science and meteorology. The current collection of links is available here as an expanding menu listing and as a spreadsheet that you can use online or download for local use.

We are evaluating ways to improve the accessibility of this resource as well as a means to allow our users to update existing links and to contribute new ones. If you have suggestions or would like to work on maintaining this resource, please contact Info,  For additional resources to support teaching using COMET/MetEd material, visit MetEd's Educator's Portal.

Google Spreadsheet of resources:

Access the spreadsheet directly in Google Docs

To download a copy of the spreadsheet, use the menu File > Download then select a file format for downloading.

To print a copy of the online spreadsheet (careful: it's big!), use the menu File > Print.

Viewing and Sorting in 'List View'
By default, the spreadsheet is displayed in 'Spreadsheet View' and lists all ~2000 rows of information. Switching to 'List View' allows you to narrow the display to just a selected chapter of resources. To switch to 'List View', use the menu View > List View

In List View, use the drop down menus at the top of a column to narrow the listing. For instance, to only view the resources for the chapter 'Atmospheric Global Climate', use the drop down menu in the 'Chapter Title' column to select the chapter name; the spreadsheet will then reload with the resources for that chapter only.
Note that you do not have access to the File menu when in this view.

Switching back to 'Spreadsheet View'
Viewing in 'Spreadsheet View' allows you to download and print the spreadsheet. To switch back to Spreadsheet View, click the link  'Go to spreadsheet view' near the top of of the window, to the left of the navigation links.